JEA Power Pals @home

We’ve adapted our popular in-school JEA Power Pals program into a free, downloadable workbook full of fun, engaging activities. JEA Power Pals @home is a self-guided instructional workbook designed to teach kids from kindergarten through second grade how to be safe around electricity. 

Your child will learn that electricity and water do not mix, how electric cords can start fires, and how to choose light bulbs that save you money.

When children start the program, they’re known as “JEA Power Pals-in Training.” When they finish, you can present them with their very own official JEA Power Pals certificate.

Download the Workbook Now (PDF) 

Now more than ever, safety and reliability are JEA’s highest priorities. As we work hard to serve our community, we hope that JEA Power Pals @home will be a fun way to help keep you and your family safe.

Looking for the school-based JEA Power Pals program? Visit our Educational Resources page