MyWay Terms and Conditions

Approved Jan. 25, 2018

MyWay is a prepaid account offered to JEA Customers. A prepaid account is an alternative payment option, which allows Customers to buy a dollar amount of utilities, and in turn, JEA will deduct their usage from that balance. A Customer’s usage is metered and their account is debited the amount owed. MyWay Customers are not required to pay a security deposit and are not assessed late fees. To participate in MyWay, all Customers are required to accept the Terms and Conditions. Customers who require utility services for medical equipment at their service address are not eligible to participate in MyWay.

Becoming a MyWay Customer

To enroll in MyWay, Customers are required to pay all applicable connection fees and prepay a minimum amount of $50.00 for daily usage. Existing JEA Customers who convert their traditional account to MyWay are subject to the same Terms and Conditions. For those Customers converting to prepaid services, JEA will apply their existing deposit, if applicable, to any outstanding balance and credit the remaining amount to the MyWay account.

Balance Calculations and Notifications

As with all of JEA’s Customers, MyWay account holders pay for their consumption and the cost of service, which includes a Basic Monthly Charge, fees, and taxes. For more information about JEA’s rates visit

After calculating usage, charges, and fees, MyWay Customers’ prepaid account balances are adjusted daily. Accounts may be adjusted monthly to reconcile the prepaid account balance with JEA’s actual cost of service. Reconciliation occurs following the Customer’s monthly billing cycle. Balance information is available 24 hours-a-day through the Customer’s online JEA account,, or phone. JEA provides Customers the options to receive balance notifications for daily usage, service interruption, and high usage. Customers are responsible for managing and updating balance notification settings on their prepaid account. Notifications are available via email or text message. Please note, contact information must be accurate and up-to-date to receive timely notifications. Standard message rates according to your cell phone plan may apply.


Unlike traditional service accounts, MyWay Customers have access to daily balance information thereby eliminating the need for paper statements. Consumption and balance adjustments may take up to 48 hours to appear on the Customer’s bill. Account history, usage, charges, and payments are available online via the Customer’s JEA account and


Payments, in any amount, are accepted online, by phone, mail, or in-person. Customers who pay via credit card or debit card are charged a nonrefundable convenience fee for each transaction. This fee does not appear on your JEA account. Payments by check or Automated Clearing House (ACH) are not charged a convenience fee.

Account holders whose payment is rejected by the issuer’s financial institution will be charged back the amount of the payment plus an administrative fee.

Closing a MyWay Account

When a MyWay account is closed, the Customer will receive a final bill. If applicable, any remaining credit will be refunded to the Customer. Customers who convert their MyWay service to a traditional account must meet the terms and conditions of JEA’s Credit and Collections policies.

Disconnection and Reconnection

MyWay account holders are subject to disconnection if:

  • The account reaches zero or a negative balance;
  • Any dishonored payment resulting in zero or a negative balance;
  • Evidence of tampering; or,
  • Evidence of fraud.

Disconnection fees may apply to MyWay Customers with water and/or wastewater service agreements.

Dishonored payments and any associated administrative fees are immediately deducted from prepaid accounts. Fees and payments that exhaust the account balance will be disconnected within 24 hours.

Any tampering or fraud-related fees or charges subject the account to immediate disconnection and must be paid before service is reconnected.

Accounts which are disconnected and remain dormant for 15 consecutive days are considered inactive. JEA will mail a final statement to the last known address on file. Payments received after 15 consecutive days of disconnection may be reconnected by contacting JEA.

MyWay account holders being reconnected are required to prepay at least $25.00 and pay any negative balance owed.

Debt Recovery

JEA may review a Customer’s account for debt recovery through prepaid service only if a variance of $750.00 or less remains after all deposits and credits are applied. Additionally, no less than 35% of all payments will be applied to the debt until the balance is eliminated. Accounts will be charged the Basic Monthly Charge plus consumption of the services.

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