Reclaimed Water Inspection Fee

With the blessing of state regulators, JEA is supplying reclaimed water for irrigation purposes in new communities and neighborhoods across Northeast Florida to help preserve the Floridan aquifer. Reclaimed water is highly treated wastewater that normally would be returned to nature. Instead we are putting it to work irrigating golf courses, parks and other community areas, and yards.

Why Inspections Are Necessary

JEA is required by law to follow rules set forth by various regulatory agencies, including:  Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), and St. Johns River Water Management District (SJRWMD).

Reclaimed water customers are charged $6 in addition to the monthly service availability charge to cover costs of meeting regulatory requirements associated with the delivery of reclaim water. JEA is required by Florida DEP to conduct periodic inspections of the reclaimed water system to ensure there are no cross connections with the drinking water system. The inspection is performed by a qualified JEA technician. This is not a new fee.

In-Ground Irrigation System Requirements

If your home is in a Development of Regional Impact (DRI) like Nocatee, you likely have reclaimed water. Long before the first house or business was built in a DRI, county commissioners and state planners worked with developers to mitigate the environmental impact of these large, multi-county developments. Part of that mitigation included the use of reclaimed water for irrigation.

For anyone located in a DRI with reclaimed water, you cannot connect an in-ground irrigation system to potable water. An in-ground irrigation system must be connected to reclaimed water. Property owners should review their deed restrictions or contact their homeowners association for specific guidelines that pertain to their property and to their community. Regardless of use, homeowners will be charged a reclaimed water availability fee each month.

What to Expect 

The Reclaimed Water Inspection takes about 15 minutes and is performed by a JEA technician. The customer or property owner does NOT need to be present at the time of the inspection. The JEA technician does enter the private property grounds but does NOT enter the home or business.

The inspection includes:

  1. Briefly turning ON an outdoor spigot and observing potable water flowing through the associated water meter, and then
  2. Briefly turning ON the reclaimed water at the irrigation system and observing the reclaimed water flowing through the associated water meter.

The inspection also includes, where possible:

  1. Briefly operating the irrigation system to make sure all sprinkler heads are properly aimed, and to
  2. Check the back-flow prevention device to determine if it is up-to-date.

An inspection report will be left at your door to let you know we conducted an inspection and to alert you if we found any problems.

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