Adjustment Requests

JEA offers customers two types of credit adjustments.  One type of credit adjustment involves leaks or accidental excessive water use.  The second type of credit adjustment involves filling a pool after construction or a repair.

Adjustment Requests for Leaks or Accidental Excessive Water Use

If you have experienced an abnormal situation involving a leak or an accidental high use of water, you may be eligible for an adjustment.  

To determine if you qualify for an adjustment, complete a request form and submit it to JEA within 90 days of the billing period in question.  If you are approved for an adjustment, this will be one of the two adjustments authorized in any 36-month period on your account. 
Fill Out the Residential Customer Form

Adjustment Requests for Filling a Pool

If you are filling a pool for the first time or are planning to repair a pool, you may be eligible for an adjustment to your wastewater charges.   Adjustment requests for filling your pool, whether a new pool or after a repair, requires a building permit. Requests must be submitted within 30 days after filling your pool.
Request an Adjustment for Filling Your Pool

No Paper Towels or Wipes in the Toilet

Remember, only toilet paper and human waste should go down your toilet. Flushing anything else, including paper towels, can damage JEA’s wastewater system and create dangerous (and disgusting) blockages called fatbergs.

Learn what you can and cannot flush