Corporate Headquarters

JEA continues to plan for the development of a new headquarters building, which would replace its current Downtown Jacksonville headquarters at 21 West Church Street. 

The new headquarters will help JEA realize its mission, to provide the best service by becoming the center of customers’ energy and water experience. It will be a catalyst for JEA’s continued growth and provide the foundation for industry-disrupting innovation efforts. It will also enable JEA to attract and retain an engaged workforce.

JEA has selected Ryan Companies US to construct the new headquarters, while CBRE, a Jacksonville-based full-service real estate firm, has been a dedicated partner to JEA in the strategic planning of the new development. 

Conceptual rendering of new JEA Headquarters
Conceptual rendering of new JEA Headquarters

December 2019 Update

Ryan Companies received approval for its Design Review Application on December 12, 2019 from the City’s Downtown Development Review Board (DDRB). Changes to landscaping planters and the southeast corner of the parking garage at Adams and Julia Streets were included in conditions of the approval. The package (coming soon) includes a presentation showing additional renderings of the project.* 

Updated Design Review Application Coming Soon!
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main entrance

Public entrance to Customer Business Center and Public Meeting Space on southwest corner of Adams and Pearl Streets


parking garage

Proposed nine-story garage accessible from Adams Street


street-level retail

Julia Street  

Lease Updates

The lease of the building and parking garage approved by the JEA Board at the June 2019 Board Meeting (Download Meeting Minutes, page 4) went into full effect on October 23, 2019.

October 2019 Update

Ryan Companies has received approval for its Conceptual Design Review Application (September 19, 2019) from the City’s Downtown Development Review Board (DDRB). The package includes a presentation showing additional renderings of the project.* Additional DDRB reviews will continue in October and November.

Download the Conceptual Design Review Application 
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Other Dates to Note

  • August 21, 2019 - Ryan Companies was granted development rights for the project by the City’s Downtown Investment Authority, entitling the project for development.
  • Week of September 8, 2019 - Ryan conducted various on-site testing, and preliminary geotechnical activities for structural design are continuing. You may notice partial site fencing for safe work operations over the next several months.

Lease Updates

JEA asked Ryan to extend the lease cancellation clause from September 30, 2019 until after the October 2019 Board of Directors meeting. The purpose of the extension is to allow for initial responses to the Strategic Alternatives ITN to be reviewed and to understand whether respondents have expressed a willingness to meet minimum requirements.

April Special Board Meeting  

Rendering of Proposed JEA BuildingJEA’s Board of Directors approved the final rankings for Invitation to Negotiate 010-19 at its Special Meeting on April 2, 2019. JEA is authorized to negotiate a lease with the highest ranked firm, Ryan Companies US, Inc., subject to certain terms and conditions. The Ryan Companies site is located at 325 West Adams Street in downtown Jacksonville. The Board resolution requires reaching lease agreement terms and site control within specified time periods.

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Best and Final Offers 

JEA received Best and Final Replies from the short-listed firms on the Headquarters project on March 11, 2019. 

Special Board Meeting Presentations

JEA hosted a Special Board Meeting on February 5, 2019, during which representatives from the short-list firms presented site locations and building concepts to the Board and public. Please see their presentations linked below. View video of the meeting

After continued negotiations, firms will then submit Best and Final Offers (BAFOs) or Final Replies on March 11, 2019. An additional, special board meeting will be scheduled for the week of April 8, 2019 to evaluate and make a final selection.

Potential Locations and Building Designs

At the January 22, 2019 JEA Board Meeting, JEA staff announced a short list of three firms that, after preliminary evaluation through JEA’s Procurement process, best meet the criteria to move forward in the selection of a firm and development site.

The firms selected for the short list are shown below, as well as their building renderings and Public Information Packages. 

Lot J, Bay Street

Jacksonville 1-C Parcel One Holding Company

Public Information Package (PDF)  

Kings Avenue Station

Kings Avenue Station P3, LLC

Public Information Package (PDF)  

325 West Adams St.

Ryan Companies US, Inc.

Public Information Package (YouTube)  

The Public Information Packages contain an excerpt of the original submittal and include a brief overview of each firm’s team, site location and building solution design. The packages do not include any new information to be evaluated by JEA, financial ability, pricing information or legal terms and conditions. 

Responses to Solicitation 

On January 8, 2019, responses to the solicitation for a new Downtown campus were received. Following preliminary grading and evaluation of the responses, a short list of vendors was selected for further consideration and negotiation (see above).

Below is a list of firms that responded to the solicitation and the location in which they have proposed the new headquarters be located:

  • Touchton Property Partners/Hertz:  Bank of America Tower, 50 North Laura Street
  • Kings Avenue Station P3, LLC : Kings Ave. Station, 1201 Kings Ave.
  • Energy Innovation Properties, LLC: City block bounded by Ashley, Church, Ocean and Main Streets
  • Ryan Companies US, Inc.:  JEA Corporate Headquarters, 21 West Church St., 534 West Church St. or 325 West Adams St.
  • KDC: Elements Development (former Southside Generating Station property)
  • Jacksonville 1-C Parcel One Holding Company: Jax Sports & Entertainment District, Lot J

These responses were reviewed and evaluated by JEA Procurement staff and consultants at CBRE on qualitative and quantitative criteria. Respondents to the Invitation to Negotiate (ITN) were required to provide a site or building, conceptual design and site fit, a delivery team, financing terms (lease with purchase options in out years) and demonstrate experience and financial capabilities to develop a project of this size.

Solicitation for Solutions Released 

On October 15, 2018, CBRE released a solicitation seeking solutions for a new corporate headquarters for JEA, including a possible build-to-suit, purchase or lease of new or existing space. Any existing space would be for a single-tenant occupant that could be tailored to JEA requirements, including parking.

*Drawings and details are subject to change as part of the DDRB review process.