Residential Cross Connection Control and Backflow Prevention


Cross Connection Control Prevention

JEA’s Cross Connection Control Program is committed to protecting our drinking water supply from contamination. Our goal is to eliminate all cross connections and all potential and real paths to contamination in our service area.


A backflow event is almost always initiated by accident or unexpected circumstances. Backflow can be controlled by good design, proper maintenance, and following the guidelines of the JEA Cross Connection Control Program.

Residential Backflow Preventer

Customer Responsibility 

The customer’s responsibility starts at the point of delivery from the public potable water system. That point is immediately after the water service meter, or in the case of unmetered services, where the water service enters the customer’s property. The customer is required, at their expense, to install, operate, test, and maintain approved backflow prevention assemblies. Backflow preventers must be installed by certified plumbers and tested by properly certified JEA Qualified Vendors. The JEA Qualified Vendors submit the test results to JEA on behalf of the customer. In the event of accidental pollution or contamination of the public drinking water system due to backflow, on or from the customer’s premise, the customer must immediately take steps to confine further spread of pollution or contamination and notify JEA of the hazard at 904-665-6000.  


JEA and JEA contracted vendors shall have free access to the premises of any user of its water supply for the purpose of inspecting, and/or testing any backflow device directly connected to JEA’s water system, or to inspect the premise to determine if there are any cross connections. Backflow preventers must be installed so that they are easily accessible for inspection, testing, maintenance, and repair. 


In most cases, a cross-connection to the public water supply is eliminated by the presence of an approved backflow preventer.

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Closed Title:Residential Devices and Equipment
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If an in-ground irrigation system was installed prior to May 4, 2014, a DCVA assembly is allowed until it can no longer be repaired, in which case it must be replaced with an Reduced Pressure Zone Device.


Residential Backflow Preventer

Air Gap

Residential Backflow Preventer

Reduced Pressure Zone Backflow Assembly

Residential Backflow Preventer

 Minimum Type of Protection Reside  
 Premises utilizing an auxiliary water system, (well, pond or other system connected or not connected to the public water supply RP 
 Premises Utilizing a solar hot water system with chemical addition RP 
 Premises with a swimming pool using a pipe filled line AG or RP 
 Premises with pipe filled line for fountains AG or RP 
 Premises utilizing in-ground irrigation systems DCVA1, RP2
 Premises that have reclaimed water available for irrigation and other uses DCVA, RP, RDC3


1 DCVA is allowed in residential irrigation if the connection was established prior to May 4, 2014. (currently under review for RP requirement in JEA jurisdiction)
2RP is required if backpressure may exist, a pump is utilized, or chemicals are added to the residential irrigation system
3Residential dual check devices can be added if there is a customer agreement signed stating that no cross connection will be created from the reclaim system to the potable water system, or they are managed by a third party where the customer is prohibited from tampering with the facility’s potable water system, auxiliary water system, or reclaimed water system. Residential dual checks must be replaced every 5 years

Any device, equipment or situation not covered by this cross-connection control policy that may constitute a potential hazard will be examined for appropriate treatment by JEA's authorized agent. 

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Closed Title:Testing of Backflow Preventers
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Customers are responsible for testing devices at any premise where backflow preventers are required to be installed at their expense. Tests must be conducted by JEA Qualified Vendors The test results will be reported to JEA by the JEA Qualified Vendor. No test reports can be accepted from customers. Tests should be done according to the schedule code. The residential schedule codes are listed in the tables below. The minimum frequency for residential testing is once every two years.

Residential Reclaim Testing Schedule                   
Test Date Test FY  SA Group  Zip 1  Zip 2  Zip 3  Zip 4  Zip 5  Zip 6  Zip 7 
January 2022  FY22  SA2 32081  32211  32224  32225  32246  32256  32258 
July 2022  FY23  SA3  32259             
January 2023  FY23  SA4  32259  32034  32092  32097       
July 2023  FY24  SA1  32081             
January 2024  FY24  SA2  32081  32211  32224  32225  32246  32256  32258 
July 2024  FY25  SA3  32259             
January 2025  FY25  SA4  32259  32034  32092  32097       

*Reclaim customer notifications and the tester worklist will be sent in the month corresponding to the SA group that needs testing. Only an initial courtesy notification will be sent to customers before testing begins by the contracted tester.


Residential Irrigation Testing Months                   
   2022 2023  2024  2025  2026 
Q1 January    January    January 
Q2 April    April   April 
Q3 July    July   July 
Q4 October   October   October 
Q5   January   January   
Q6   April   April  
Q7   July   July   
Q8   October   October  


*Irrigation customers will receive an initial opt-out notification and then 30 days following the opt-out notification those that did not opt-out will receive a courtesy testing is beginning notification. The tester worklist will be sent to the contracted tester after the testing notification has been sent to the customers.

Residential Irrigation Zip Codes                   
Q1 32256  32258                 
Q2 32211 32216 32225  32277             
Q3 32206 32207 32224               
Q4 32223  32246 32250              
Q5 32217 32259                
Q6 32065 32073 32081 32082  32084 32092 32095 32221 32222 32257
Q7 32202 32204 32205 32208 32209 32220 32234 32244 32254  
Q8 32034 32097 32218 32226 32210          

Inspections and Interruption of Service

Failure to respond to notices of violation will result in a site compliance inspection by JEA. JEA will assess a $100 inspection fee on the bill of the customer of record.

JEA will discontinue water service if the required backflow prevention assembly is missing, bypassed or failed to be tested or properly maintained per JEA’s CCC Policy.

Additionally, JEA may install, test, repair, or replace a backflow device at the customer’s point of service and bill the customer for all costs associated.

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