Jacksonville Small Emerging Business and Supplier Diversity Program


JEA is committed to a diverse supplier network that reflects the customers and communities we serve. At JEA, procurement decisions are made on a competitive basis and focuses on providing fair and equitable opportunities to all vendors. JEA is an active participant in the City of Jacksonville’s (COJ) Jacksonville Small and Emerging Business (JSEB) program. The JSEB program helps to establish and strengthen relationships with local small business owners in our community. 

Additionally, JEA believes that supplier diversity promotes innovation, increases the pool of potential suppliers, and drives competition. As an extension of the JSEB program, JEA’s Supplier Diversity Program is based on four principles: Advocate, Network, Educate and Report. JEA is committed to advocating the use of diverse suppliers, building a network of diverse suppliers, providing educational opportunities, and reporting our progress.

JSEB Program 

The Jacksonville Small and Emerging Businesses (JSEB) program is administered by the City of Jacksonville’s Equal Business Opportunity (EBO) office and is the certifying agency for the JSEB program. The program is open to small businesses that are located within Duval County and meet the program requirements. There are residency requirements for the owner, as well as personal net worth and annual gross receipt limitations. Vendors that are certified through the JSEB program are eligible to participate in prime and subcontracting opportunities at JEA.

To track the JSEB program’s progress, reports are provided monthly to the Procurement Leadership, quarterly to the Board of Directors and annually to the City of Jacksonville. The JSEB data captures actual payments made to the JSEB firm on JEA projects working as a prime contractor and a subcontractor. The JSEB report also captures contracts that are awarded within the fiscal year. The success of the program is measured by the dollars we spend with JSEB firms.

Questions? Contact the JEA JSEB Manager.

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Prime vendors that are utilizing JSEB vendors as subcontractors on JEA projects are required to report the monthly amount paid to each JSEB vendor. The JSEB Monthly Spend Report is required to be completed by the 30th of each month for each JEA project with a JSEB participation requirement. For newly awarded contracts, the JSEB reporting is moving to our new JSEB Compliance & Diversity Outreach System. Prime vendors will be notified when to use the new system for their JSEB reporting.


Supplier Diversity Program

Supplier Diversity Program Logo

The JEA Supplier Diversity program works hand-in-hand with the JSEB program. Diverse suppliers can be of any size and location to promote inclusion of all vendors with a diverse certification. The program is designed to build relationships and increase opportunities with diverse suppliers. The foundational principles for the program are to Advocate, Network, Educate and Report. JEA is committed to advocating to utilize diverse suppliers, creating a database that is accessible to the public, registering certified diverse suppliers, offering opportunities to grow educationally, and ensuring our accountability is measured.


We believe supplier diversity brings innovative ideas, provides multiple procurement channels for goods and services, and increases competition. JEA is committed to advocating on behalf of our diverse suppliers and encouraging our internal and external customers to utilize our diverse supplier network on prime and subcontractor opportunities. Having a diverse supplier network that is representative of our customers and communities we serve brings significant value to JEA.


We are committed to building a diverse and inclusive network of suppliers that is accessible to our internal and external customers. Diverse suppliers, of any size and location, that are certified through a 3rd party are encouraged to register their company. Through this database, relationships can be developed that can lead to prime and subcontractor opportunities.


We will partner with local small business agencies to offer educational events for our diverse supplier community. JEA is interested in developing our future supply chain. We will seek opportunities to educate businesses in areas to help grow their businesses professionally and technically by hosting webinar series, meet and greets, and networking events. Through these initiatives, we are striving to have a sustainable diverse supplier portfolio.


We provide reports on our Supplier Diversity program’s progress quarterly to the Procurement Leadership and the Board of Directors. The Supplier Diversity data is comprised of non-JSEB vendors that are classified as diverse suppliers on our procurement card and purchase order spend. The success of the program is measured by the good faith efforts we demonstrate and the results we obtain through the dollars we spend with diverse suppliers.

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Click here for upcoming events. 

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Please join us for a discussion about business opportunities with JEA, and to learn about JEA’s purchasing process. Potential new vendors, small and diverse businesses are welcomed to attend.

Click here for more information. 

View Workshop Times and Locations

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JEA Vendors network with other Jacksonville Small Businesses at the 2023 JSEB Procurement Summit.

The Sixth Annual JSEB Procurement Summit was held in person on September 8, 2023, with 100 attendees. The focus this year was on Fiscal Year 2024 Bid Opportunities for Jacksonville Small and Emerging Business (JSEB) firms. JEA also provided and update on their Supplier Diversity Program. All diverse suppliers of any size and location that are certified by a third party were encouraged to register to be included in the Supplier Diversity Directory. Additionally, three JSEB firms were featured in a video presentation to highlight the projects they worked on for JEA. The JSEBs featured included: Alpha Envirotech Consulting, Inc., RZ Service Group and Garmon Trucking, Inc.

Other summit highlights included the City of Jacksonville (COJ) providing an update on JSEB Program and a panel discussion with the small business resource partners: Jax Chamber and Florida Small Business Development Center at UNF. There was an opportunity to network at the beginning and end of the summit with Prime Vendors, the Resource Partners, the Agencies and the JEA Procurement Team. Overall, the summit provided a great opportunity for JSEB and diverse businesses to acquire beneficial information and build new relationships.

The featured Prime Vendors included:

  • Auld & White Constructors, LLC
  • Jacobs Engineering
  • The Haskell Company

The featured Resource Agencies included:

  • Bid More, presented by ICATT Professional Services
  • Florida Small Business Development Center at UNF
  • Jacksonville Women’s Business Center
  • Jax Chamber

The featured Agencies included:

  • City of Jacksonville
  • Duval County Public Schools
  • Jacksonville Aviation Authority
  • Jacksonville Transportation Authority

Summit Presentation: Click here to view the presentation

Summit Video: Click here to see video about the Summit

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  • Alpha Envirotech Consulting, Inc. 
  • RZ Service Group
  • Garmon Trucking
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  • Construction & Engineering Services Consultants, Inc. – Steven J. Davis, Owner
  • iTech Resources, Inc. – Eric Nguyen, Owner
  • Complete Services Well Drilling, Inc. – Justin Merritt, Owner

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