Service Availability Form

Service Availability Letters help customers and developers to determine whether or not JEA is the correct utility provider for their home or business. Once the form below has been submitted, a letter will be provided with an expiration date of two years from the date it was issued and will include potential points of connection to JEA’s system, as well as a tracking number (JEA Availability Number). Service Availability Letters may take up to 10 business days from the date of your request. Organizations requesting more than five Service Availability Letters, please allow 15 business days from date of your request. 

Applicant Information

Subject Property Information

Example Real Estate Numbers:
Duval County: 012345-0000
Nassau County: 25-2N-28-0000-0002-0170
St. Johns County: 069800 0010
Clay County: 069800 0010


Number of Rooms Gallons per Unit Total Flow
Hotel / Motel: x 100 gallons
Number of Seats Gallons per Seat Total Flow
Restaurant: x 40 gallons
Square Feet Gallons per Square Feet Total Flow
Office Building: x 0.15 gallons
Retail Store: x 0.15 gallons
Shopping Center: x 0.15 gallons
Daily Usage Gallons per Day Total Flow
Warehouse: estimated gallon(s)
Industrial: estimated gallon(s)
Other: estimated gallon(s)


Number of Units Gallon per Unit Total Flow
Apartments: x 250 gallons
Multi-Family: x 250 gallons
Single Family: x 350 gallons