Preferred Hauler Vendor Registration

The JEA Preferred Hauler Program (PHP) is for vendors that pump, haul, and properly dispose of grease trap/interceptor waste for food service establishments (Generators). PHP vendors will demonstrate both initially and continually that they are able to meet the following criteria:

  1. Satisfactorily pump out grease traps/interceptors:
    • Before full FOG program implementation submit lists of facilities pumped out on a regular basis for baseline trap inspection.
    • Demonstrate satisfactory pump outs during program implementation.
  2. Attend waste hauler education meeting.
  3. Accepts limited regulatory responsibility for the Generator:
    • Accurately completes the JEA Pump Out (PO) report.
    • Submits PO report to JEA within 10 calendar days of pump out date.
    • Preferred hauler becomes the point of contact for Generator with JEA concerning discrepancies with PO report submittals and trap pump outs.
  4. Submits manifest document for disposal of all trap contents generated in JEA’s service area on a quarterly basis.

Company Information

Waste Disposal Method:

As an authorized representative, I request that the below named company be added as a participant in the JEA Preferred Hauler Program. As a participant in this program our company agrees to meet all of the above listed criteria.

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