Community-Initiated Projects

For those neighborhoods interested, JEA offers programs through the City of Jacksonville's Neighborhood Assessment Program (NAP) for overhead (OH) to underground (UG) conversion of utility lines and for water main extensions. The NAP provides a means for neighborhoods to finance these projects through a special assessment process.  

    Residential Overhead to Underground Utility Conversion Projects - TEMPORARILY SUSPENDED

    JEA has recently identified global supply chain issues related to the sourcing of electric pad mount transformers and other necessary equipment and resources required to construct new underground utility projects including overhead to underground conversion projects. JEA has attempted to plan and work around these issues as much as possible. However, at this point, major supply chain issues have impacted most, if not all, regional/national development as well as creating a potential issues for proactive stocking and preparation for potential storm events in Northeast Florida.

    JEA will be temporarily suspending all overhead to underground utility conversion projects not currently under construction until this sourcing issue is resolved. Unfortunately, we do not have a current time estimate or clarity as to when these projects might resume.

    JEA will notify all customers within proposed project areas once this situation has been resolved and projects can restart. JEA’s Project Outreach Team will continue to maintain the current priority list of projects in the order they were received and those that have obtained the required 2/3 approval from identified property owners within each project area. 

    Click Here to View Local News Coverage Outlining Supply Chain Challenges

    Overhead to Underground Conversion Program

    This program focuses on undergrounding overhead electric, telephone, cable television, communication or other overhead distribution line facilities located within the public rights of way in a defined neighborhood boundary. 

    Prepayment Timeline Key Milestones

    Water Main Extension Program

    This program focuses on water main extensions located within the public rights of way in a defined neighborhood boundary.

    Supply Chain Resource Hub

    Supply Chain Resource Hub}
    JEA is taking a proactive approach to meet ongoing supply chain challenges and taking steps to meet local development needs.

    Visit our Supply Chain Resource Hub