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Anti-Discrimination, Diversity and Inclusion Statement

A cornerstone of JEA’s culture is the value of respect. This includes respect for each and every individual regardless of race, creed, color, religion, political affiliation, gender, pregnancy condition, age, national origin, citizenship, disability, marital status, genetic information, sexual orientation, gender identity, any other protected characteristics established by law, or any other cultural factor.

JEA operates on the principle that valuing all people and prohibiting any and all discrimination in the workplace is essential to the delivery and operation of its services to its customers and community. JEA goes beyond accepting equal opportunity as a legal requirement but totally values and embraces anti-discrimination practices and diversity/inclusion as a way of life.

JEA embraces diversity and inclusiveness and prohibits discrimination by:

  • Promoting the active recruitment of diverse individuals
  • Engaging in recruitment practices that mirror the population of our community
  • Continually communicating and clarifying the link between diversity/inclusion/anti-discrimination and achieving the organization’s strategic goals
  • Demonstrating visible support for programs that remove barriers between individuals
  • Actively monitoring the organization’s activities to ensure equality and fairness is consistently applied
  • Promoting a culture where individuals are encouraged to offer different viewpoints

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The aforementioned practices are a business necessity at JEA and are applied each and every day. What can you add to our growing, diverse team?  

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From Angie Hiers, Chief Human Resources Officer

Angelia Hiers Diversity and cultural competency must play a major role in every organization and should be a part of the core culture.  In order for a company to be successful and competitive in product offerings or even in the bid for talent, an organization must go beyond diversity training and diversity recruitment.  It must embrace a big picture strategy that significantly integrates the company’s understanding of cultural competency and issues into critical company policies, procedures and initiatives.

JEA is fully committed to diversity and cultural competency and understands that ignoring these factors prohibits productivity and overall company performance.  We strive to make sure that our management team and employee base value this perspective in all that we do.