Tree Trimming Practices

To provide you with consistent, reliable electrical service – rain or shine – JEA studies tree growth in Jacksonville. Our tree maintenance procedures are performed by professional trimming contractors using proper arboricultural methods that are best for the long-term health of the tree.

We proudly follow strict national standards for tree care operations:

  • Every 2 1/2 years, we trim around electric lines:
    • 10 foot clearance around 26,000, 13,200, and 4,000 volt primary lines.
    • Hazardous branches when necessary.
  • We maintain records on the number of outages along circuits and compare that information to our trimming schedule.

Free Mulch

As a service to the community, we offer the chips from the trimmings as mulch to our customers. Please call ahead to schedule a mulch delivery.

Contact our certified arborists and professional foresters about JEA's tree trimming procedures: 

Tree Trimming Methods

Center Cut

V-Cut Trimming: The center branches are removed to allow the power line to pass above and through.

Side Trimming

Side Trimming: The tree growth is steered away from the power line by removing branches on just one side.

Crown Reduction

Crown Reduction: When neither of the first two methods above will work, trimming the tree from its top may be an option.

Reduction Cut Removal Cut

We also use Directional Pruning when possible. This “trains” trees to grow away from power lines by using:

  • Reduction cuts (above left) to shorten the length of a stem by pruning back to a smaller limb.
  • Removal cuts (above right) to prune a branch back to the trunk or parent branch.
  • Prudent pruning practices may result in clearances that are not exactly 10 feet.

2017 Distribution Lines

Distribution Lines: You can easily identify primary and seconday distributions lines with this illustration. Anything below the primary and secondary lines are CATV/phone lines.