Medical Alerts

If you or someone you love needs electricity for life-saving medical equipment, please make sure we know about this. We’ll put a Medical Alert on your account, which will provide you with extra services like pre-notification of an impending hurricane.

Medical Alerts and Service Disconnection

You can still be disconnected for non-payment unless credit arrangements are made with us or we receive sufficient payment. JEA reconnects service on the same day if payment is made before 6:00 p.m. Monday - Friday. Please consider other care options for you or your medically dependent loved one until service is restored.

How to Get a Medical Alert on Your Account

Ask your physician’s office to send an email or letter to JEA. The correspondence must be on the physician’s letterhead and should simply say: “[Name] has a physical condition that requires uninterrupted electric service.” The physician does not need to disclose the nature of the medical condition.

Keeping Your Medical Alert Current 

A valid JEA medical alert lasts 24 months. As your expiration date approaches, we’ll send you a letter reminding you to ask your physician to send us a new letter requesting another medical alert.

Medical Alerts and JEA MyWay

Customers with a medical alert on file cannot enroll in the JEA MyWay prepaid utility services program since that program does not allow for courtesy notification prior to service disconnection. If you’re currently enrolled in JEA MyWay and would like to add a medical alert to your account, please call us at (904) 665-6000 so we can transition your account to a traditional monthly method of paying your bill.

Water Quality Reports
The Annual Water Quality Report provides information on JEA’s water treatment systems

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