Become a Vendor

Procurement Services has a process to manage unsolicited contacts with vendors who wish to do business with JEA. This process designates an Unsolicited Vendor Contact (UVC) Coordinator to serve as a single point of contact for all unsolicited calls.

  • Contractor Safety
    This is required for any safety sensitive work, including construction and maintenance.  
  • Responsible Bidders
    If you would like to bid on specific construction projects, you must become pre-approved.
  • Qualified Proposers
    If you would like to bid on specific water, sewer, and environmental design service projects, you must become pre-approved.

Zycus for Potential Suppliers

If you are seeking to do business with JEA and do not have an existing contract, please sign up as a Potential Supplier in the Zycus Portal to participate in sourcing events for various opportunities.

Register for Zycus


If you are a vendor with questions on how to do business with JEA, please contact us:

Fuel Management Services

JEA Fuels Management Services (FMS) has an ongoing intent to solicit bids for the procurement of generating fuels including, but not limited to, petroleum coke, coal, limestone, no. 2 diesel fuel oil and no. 6 residual fuel oil. Due to the timely nature of fuel procurement, FMS does not advertise individual bid solicitations on JEA’s website. Instead, FMS will solicit bids from those known suppliers on the FMS Bidders List. If your company would like to be considered for the FMS Bidders List, please completely fill out and return the FMS Responsible Bidders List Application along with any necessary documentation as instructed on the form.

Fuel Management Services Responsible Bidder Application

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