Safety Orientation Training for Contractors

All JEA contractor and subcontractor employees must receive basic work site safety orientation and/or training, in addition to any other JEA specific requirements.


We recognize that many contractors have excellent training programs in place; however to ensure consistency, all contractors and subcontractor employees working at JEA sites or projects are required to complete either:

  • JEA Construction Site Safety Orientation (JEA CSSO) conducted by the Northeast Florida Safety Council (NEFSC)
    This course is a modified version of the NCCER CSSO course and is specific for JEA as it includes the additional 2-hour JEA Operation Specific Safety Training. The JEA CSSO course is only available at the NEFSC.

- or - 

  • National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) 8-hour Construction Site Safety Orientation (CSSO) and 2-hour JEA Operation Specific Safety Training
    This option is for those students who have not taken the JEA specific CSSO class at the Northeast Florida Safety Council.)

- or - 

  • OSHA 10-hour for Construction Safety and Health and 2-hour JEA Operation Specific Safety Training 

  • Site Specific Orientation may be required depending on your job site. Contact your JEA Project Manager for specific site requirements.

Contractor Supervisors/Foremen

In addition to meeting the requirements of employees listed above, supervisors/foremen are required to attend the Safety Leadership Development program offered through NEFSC or an equivalent program.