JEA Receives Statewide Recognition for Community Work in Northeast Florida


JACKSONVILLE, FL, Nov. 4, 2022 – The Florida Municipal Electric Association (FMEA) has recognized JEA with its “Building Strong Communities” award for making valuable investments that enhance the quality of life in Northeast Florida.

The annual award honors Florida public power utilities for leading community-focused programs that strengthen communities and go beyond efficient delivery of affordable, reliable and clean energy.

“Improving lives and building community is JEA’s mission. We invest in our community because we serve the people of Northeast Florida every day and want the best for residents, the business community and the environment,” JEA Managing Director & CEO Jay Stowe said.

JEA received recognition for the following community initiatives in the past year:

  • Investment in Youth: Every year, JEA and the American Association of Blacks in Energy hold a summer camp for high school students, allowing them to learn about careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. See highlights from 2022 camp.
  • Programs that Improve the Environment:  Woodpeckers sometimes choose a wooden power pole to make a home. In a Jacksonville community, JEA lineworkers were able to replace a power pole and save the nest for a family of pileated woodpeckers. See how  lineworkers did it.
  • Special Programs: On Aug. 1, JEA suspended customer disconnections of electric and water service due to delinquent payments for seven weeks. The utility also waived newly accrued late fees. These relief measures were part of a broader plan to help address high utility bills due to increased fuel costs and higher consumption during summer heat. Watch video on help for higher bills.
  • Programs that Improve the Environment: JEA’s solar farm tours teach visitors about how solar power works and the importance of battery storage for solar facilities. Watch video of a JEA solar farm tour.

FMEA leaders recognized JEA at its Energy Connections Conference and Trade Show in Orlando on Nov. 2.

Florida’s 33 public power utilities serve more than 4 million Floridians and are a statewide employment leader with more than 5,700 employees.

In Northeast Florida, JEA serves more than one million customers across four counties and employs 2,000+ team members. For 127 years, JEA has made it possible for area residents to own and control their energy future while receiving affordable, reliable and environmentally responsible power.

About JEA

JEA is a not-for-profit, community-owned utility located in Jacksonville, Florida, proudly serving an estimated 505,000 electric, 382,000 water, 302,000 sewer and 22,000 reclaimed water customers. JEA is not owned by investors. It was created by the City of Jacksonville to serve those who live in Jacksonville and in the surrounding communities. The sole purpose of JEA’s business is to ensure the electric, water and sewer demands of its customers are met, both today and for generations to come with the goal to provide reliable services at the best value to our customers while ensuring our precious natural resources are protected.


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