Bill Explanation

At JEA, we want to make doing business with us as easy as possible. That’s why we’ve simplified your bill!

Color-coded sections allow you to easily find the important details you need. New graphs and improved charts will help you better understand your utility usage. We’ve also added a helpful QR code so you can view and pay your bill from your mobile device if you choose.

Whether you get your bill online or in the mail, you’ll see the new designs on bills that print in February. Click the links below to see the features of your new bill.

Page 1 of Bill (Front)

  1. Customer Name
  2. Account #: You’ll need your 10-digit account number to manage your account when contacting JEA.
  3. Cycle: JEA has 20 billing cycles. Each account is assigned to one of these cycles and is billed monthly.
  4. Bill Date: This reflects the date you are billed for your services.
  5. Total Summary of Charges: This section describes all the services you receive from JEA. A complete breakdown for each of these services is listed on page 3.
  6. Message Area: Check this space for important information about your account, money-saving tips and new product updates.
  7. Previous Balance: This reflects the amount that was due on your account last month.
  8. Payment(s) Received: This area reflects any payments received since your last bill.
  9. Balance Before New Charges: This reflects the difference between your previous balance and payments received since your last bill.
  10. New Charges: This reflects any charges that were posted to your account for the current month.
  11. Please Pay: This area reflects any past-due amount, as well as any new charges for the current month.
  12. Neighbor to Neighbor/Prosperity Scholarship Fund check box: Check this box if you'd like to donate to JEA's Neighbor to Neighbor | Fund or the Prosperity Scholarship Fund. Please be sure to fill in the amount(s) you would like to donate which will be added to your bill until you tell us you no longer wish to contribute.
  13. Change of Address box: Check here to update your address, phone number or email address. Then complete the form on page 2 with your new information.

Page 2 of Bill (Back)

  1. Statement Information: These are definitions of the line items found in the details section of your bill for each type of service.
  2. Onserts:Learn more about ways to save on your utility bill and special JEA programs. Many feature QR codes that you can scan and view on
  3. Address Correction:Complete this form if you have a new address, phone number or email address. Remember to check the corresponding box on the payment coupon (page 1).

Page 3 of Bill (Front)

  1. Electric Service: This section offers a detailed breakdown of your electric service charges, including taxes and fees.
  2. Sewer Service: This section offers a detailed breakdown of your sewer service charges, including taxes and fees.
  3. Water Service:This section offers a detailed breakdown of your water service charges, including taxes and fees.
  4. Other Activities:If your bill includes other charges, you’ll find a description of them in this section.
  5. Consumption History:Our color-coded bar graph gives you a breakdown of your last 13 months of consumption. The chart below it shows your consumption one year ago, last month, this month, and the average amount(s) used daily.

For More Information

If you have questions about a specific charge on your bill contact us.

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