Contractor Safety


JEA is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for our employees. This commitment to safety applies equally to our contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, and the public. Safe and healthful working conditions are integral parts of our daily operations and are used as performance standards for all JEA employees, contractors and vendors. That’s why we require all contractors, including subcontractors, to become safety qualified with JEA. 

Contractors are also required to comply with the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA), all applicable state and local safety laws, accepted industry practices, and any JEA Safety and Health requirements applicable to the work they perform. 

Contractor Safety Reference Materials

Sample Forms

Safety Qualified Contractors

This list of contractors approved by JEA's safety standards was last updated on 09/29/21

Accordion Item
Closed Title:A - F
Open Text:

A Advantage Elect
A One Concrete Services
A America Safety Systems, Inc. 
A-Crane Rental
A Norman Fence 

A&D Constructors
A&D Environmental 
A&E Contractors dba ACD Marine
A. C. Concrete
A. J. Johns, Inc.
AAA Auto Glass Inc.

ABB Inc (Power Generation, Systems and Automation) USA 
ABC Cutting Contractors of Jacksonville, Inc. 
Access Limited, Inc 
 Accurate Utility Services, Inc 
ACE Fabrications, LLC 
ACE Power Deslag, LLC 
ACME Barricades LLC 
ACME Cryogenics dba Northeast Services 
Acousti Eng. Co. of Florida 
Action Labor 
Advanced Aerial Inspection Resources (AAIR)

Advanced Connections
Advanced Directional Drilling Solutions Inc.
Advanced Disposal Services Inc 
Advanced Industrial & Mechanical 
Advanced Technology Management 
Advanced Turbine Support, Inc. 
AEC Electrical Contracting, Inc. 

Aegis  Fire and Integrated Services

AECOM Technical Services dba URS Corporation
Environmental Services a/k/a Aerostar SES LL 
After Hours Electric, Inc. 
AGES, Inc 
Airco, Inc. 
Airtek Construction, Inc 

Ajax Building Company
Aldridge & Sons Plumbing Contractors
Alex's Metal Recycling LLC
A-Line EDS 
All Purpose Glass & MirrApplus RTD USA Inc.

American Efficiency

American Tank Robotics LLC
Andress Engineering  Inc.
Apache Industrial Services
Aquino Construction, Inc. 
Arbon Equipment Corp.

Applied Technical Services
Arcadis US Inc.
ARC Energy
Arc Surveying & Mapping, Inc. 

A.R.E,C. Safety LLC.
Arkest LLC. 
Armstrong Fence Company 
ARVOS Inc. (DBA ALSTOM Power, Inc.) (Air Preheater Co.) 
Arwood, Inc. 
ATC Group Services, Inc. (DBA Cardno ATC) 
Atlantic Firebrick & Supply Co. 

Atlantic Insulation Inc.
Atlantic Plant Maintenance 

Atlantic Pipe Services LLC.
Atlantic Tower Services, Inc. 
Aubrey Silvey Enterprises, Inc. 
Auld & White Constructors, LLC 
Auto Masters Fleet Service 
Automation Systems & Diagnostics, Inc. 
Available Pest Control, Inc. 
Avalotis Corporation 

AVP Valve  dba Valve & Pump

AWA Contracting Co. Inc.
Axiomis, Inc. 
AZZ SMS (Formerly Aquilux SMS)
B&B Horizontal 

B.E. Consulting Inc. dba Braden Enterprises
BDS Builders Diversified Services
B & D Industrial Service Division 
B & G Refrigeration Co. 
B & H Machine & Repair, LLC 
Babcock & Wilson Universal 
Badger Daylighting Corp. 
Baker Hughes Measurement & Control 
Baldwin's Quality Plumbing, Inc. 
Balfour Beatty Infrastructure, Inc 
Barber & Associates, Inc. 
Barcelona Equipment, Inc. 
Barco-Duval Engineering Inc.
Bartram Trail Surveying, Inc 
Base Logistics, LLC 
Batson-Cook Company 
B.E. Consulting Inc.
Berman Bros., Inc. 
Besch and Smith Civil Group, Inc. 
Betacom, Inc. 
Betros Plumbing Contractors Inc.
Beyel Bros. Inc. 
BGCO Incorporated  Services
BHI Energy dba Weldtech
Bigge Crane and Rigging Co. (Formerly American Heavy Rigging & Hauling Co.) 
Big TConcrete    
Big Top Services
Biosolids Distribution Services LLC.
Birken Construction, Inc. 
BIS Frucon Industrial Services, Inc. (Fru-Con Construction Corp.) 
Black & Veatch 
Blake & Pendleton, Inc. 
Blue Iron Foundations and Shoring, LLC
Blue Lake Utility Services
Bluewater Backflow Services 
Bluewater Environmental of Florida, Inc.
BMS Natural Resources, Inc.
Boatwright Land Surveyors 
Bob's Backflow & Plumbing Services, Inc. 
Bob's Barricades, Inc 
Boher Industrial, Inc.. 
Boral Material Tech 
Bore Hawg, Inc. 
Boree Canvas Unlimited 
Boss Power, LLC 
Boulevard Tire Center 
Boyle Hydrant & Utilities, Inc.
Braden Manufactoring LLC
Brandenburg Industrial Service Company
Bradshaw Construction Corp. 
Brady Bennett & Associates, Inc. 
Brahma Group, Inc. 
Brand Scaffold Builders, Inc. (Brand Energy Solutions) 
Brandenburg Industrial Service

Brasfield & Gorrie
Breaking Ground Contracting Company 
Briggs Equipment, (formerly Barloworld Handling, LLC)
Broadway Electric Service (Besco)
Brooks Building Solutions, Inc. 
Brundage Bone Concrete Pumping Inc 
Bryson Crane Rental Service, Inc. 
Bug Pro Florida, Inc. 
Bureau Vetis
Burkhalter Wrecking
Bush Construction Company, Inc. C.C. Borden Construction, Inc.
CCC Group, Inc. 
C & G Mechanical, Inc. 
C & L Landscape, Inc. 
C & M Dredging, Inc. 
C & R Electrical Services, Inc. 
C and C Powerline, Inc. 
C. A. P. Contracting, Inc. 
C. C. S. Presentation Systems 
CDM Constructors, Inc. 
C. E. M. Solutions, Inc 
C. Harrison Construction, Inc. 
C. L. Coatings, LLC 
C. P. M. Technical Solutions, Inc. 
C. Young Construction 
Caldwell Tanks, Inc. - Industrial Business Unit
Caliper, Inc. 
Callaway Contracting, Inc. 
Campbell Plumbing & Mechanical Contractors
Cannon Pest Control 
Cardinal Building Systems, Inc. 
Cardno TBE Group, Inc.

Cascade Drilling
Casey Industrial, Inc. 
Catalyst Air Management, Inc. 
CDPW, Inc. dba Complete Dewatering Pumps & Wellpoints 
Certified Air Contractors, Inc (C. A. C.) 
Certified Constructors Services, Inc. (CCSI) 
Certified Control Systems (a subsidiary of Certified Air Contractors, Inc.) 
CH2M Hill, Inc. 
Chain Electric Co. 
Challenge Enterprises Of North Florida 
Champion Painting Specialty Services Corp. 
Charah, Inc. 
Charles Perry Partners, Inc. (CPPI) 
Chesser Island CHI Aviation 

CHI Aviation
CINTAS Corporation
Clary & Associates, Inc 
Classic Controls, Inc. 
Clean Air Engineering, Inc. 
Clean Harbor Environmental Services, Inc. 
Cliff Berry, Inc. 
Clifton's Tower Service, Inc. 
Close Construction 
Coastal Air Consulting, Inc.
Coast to Coast Fire Protection
Coastal Electric Company of Florida 
Coastal Plain Construction, Inc. 
Coastal Utility Constructors of Jacksonville, Inc. 
Coating Systems, Inc. 
Cody's Professional Surveying & Mapp 
Cogburn Brothers, Inc. 
Coker Industrial Contractors, Inc.
Comanco Environmental Corporation 

Comfort Temp Company
Commercial Design Services, Inc. 
Commercial Fire, Inc. 
Commercial Insulation Company, Inc. 
Commercial Metals Company (CMC Recycling
Commercial Construction Services 
Complete Coatings, Inc. 
Complete Services Well Drilling, Inc. 
Comstruct Services, Inc. 
Conco Services Corp. 
Concrete Conservation, Inc. 
Concrete Cutting & Breaking Co. 
Concrete Cutting and More, LLC 
Concrete Profiles, Inc.
Concurrent Group, LLC 
Continental Field Systems (CFS) 
Contractors Glass, Inc.  
Control Southern, Inc. 
Converged Communications 
Cook Electrical

Cooling Tower Depot

Core Construction Company 
Corrocoat USA, Inc. 
Corrosion Monitoring Services, Inc. 
CORRPRO Companies Incorporated 
Country Boy Fence Co. 
Country Caterers Bar Be Que (DBA Base Camp Logistical Solutions) 
Country Roads Grading  
CPR Contracting, LLC 
Crane & Rigging of Jacksonville, Inc. 
Crews Electrical Testing, Inc. 
Crews Sheet Metal, Inc. 
Crofton Diving 
Cross Construction Services 
Cross Environmental Services, Inc. 
Crowley's Concrete, Inc. 
Curb Systems of NE FL, Inc. 
Curt's Construction, Inc. 
Custom Pump & Controls, Inc. 

Curtis-Toledo Distribution dba Com Air Service

Cutting Edge Trenching
Cutsforth, Inc. 
CWS Source, Inc. (DBA StructureWerks)  

DB Civil Construction
D & J Erosion Control Specialists. 

D&M Construction Group dba Foresight Construction Group Inc.
D. B. Construction Services 
D. H. Griffin Wrecking Company 
D. T. Services, Inc. 
D. W. Allen Marine Services, Inc. 
DACA Specialty Services 
Dale C. Rossman, Inc. 
Danella Construction Corporation of FL, Inc. 
DAO Enterprise, LLC 
Darcco Environmental, Inc. 
David Grey Electrical 
David Grey Plumbing, Inc. 
David Wing Plumbing 
DBE Management Inc. dba DBE utility Services 
DeAngelo Brothers, Inc. (DBA DBI Services) 
DeBerry Electric Co., Inc. 
Dedge's Lock & Key Shop 
Deep South Industrial Services, Inc. 
Degrove Surveyors, Inc. 
Dekomte de Temple, LLC 
Delta Concrete Cutting Inc 
Delta Star, Inc. 

DMD Consultans Inc.
Demetrius Shack's Painting Service 
Dickinson Fleet Services LLC 
Diversified Professional Services Corp 
Dixie Contract Carpet, Inc.

Dixie Industrial LLC 
DJ Contracting of Jacksonville, Inc. 
Dolphin Backflow, Inc. 
Door Control Inc. 
Double J Drilling of W. Va., Inc. 
Downstream Company, Inc. 
Downtown Underground, Inc. 
Drew Hartman Plumbing 
Drillpro LLC (Groundwater Protection) 
DSI Innovations, LLC. 

Durr Universal
Duval Asphalt Products, Inc. 
Duval Ford
Dynamic Concrete Pumping, Inc. 
E. F. Lea Electrical Contractor, Inc. 
E. Vaughan Rivers, Inc 

EA Tapping Services
Eagerton Plumbing Co., Inc. 
Eagle Lawn Care of NE Florida 
Earthworks of Florida, LLC 
Earthworx, LLC 
East Coast Power 

East Coast Cooling Towers Inc.
Eaton Corporation 
Ebsary Foundation Company 
ECS Florida, LLC. 
Ed Waters & Sons Contracting
Eddy Current Specialists, Inc. 
EEU (Electrical Equipment Upgrading) 
EJCON Corporation
Electrical Builders Inc. dba EBI  
Electrical Engineering Enterprises 
Electrical Reliability Services, Inc. 
Electro Design Engineering, Inc. 
Elite Sandblasting & Painting Inc.
Ellis & Associates, Inc. 

ELS Abatement & Construction Inc.
Energy Engineering Systems, LLC 
Energy Erectors, Inc. 
Enertouch, Inc. (DBA GoodCents Solutions)

Enexio US LLC dba Kelvion
Engineer Spray Solutions 
Engineered Lining Systems, Inc. 
Engineered Pump Service
Engineered Restortations

ENPRO Services Inc. dba TMC Environmental Inc.

Entact, Inc.  
Environment One Corporation 
Environmental Drilling Service, Inc.
Environmental Equipment Services
Environmental Land Services of Flagler County, Inc. 
Environmental Remediation Services, Inc 
Environmental Resource Solution, Inc. 

Environmental Source Sampler, Inc. (ESS) 
Epperson & Company 
EQ Florida 
Equipment Services of Jacksonville, Inc. 
Equipment Recovery Corp. 

Equix Energy Services LLC
Ernest P Breaux Electrical, Inc. 
Ethos Energy. 
EvapTech, Inc. 
EverSafe Building Maintenance Services 

EVO Corportaion
Evogua Water Technologies, LLC

Exceletech Coatings and Applications

EXO Inc.
Expro, Inc.
F & G Construction General Contractors Inc.
F & H Electrical Contractors, Inc. (DBA F & H Contractors) 
F. R. Aleman & Associates, Inc. 
Facility Automation Solutions, Inc. (Formerly W.W. Gay Facility Automation, Inc.) 

Farrell Brothers Marine Construction Inc.
FECC, Inc. 
Ferber Sheet Metal Works, Inc. 
Fiberglass Structural Engineering, Inc. 
Filter-Doc Corporation 
Fire Central Solutions 
Fire Hydrant Unlimited & Underground Utilities, Inc. 
Fire Sprinkler Services, Inc. 
First Coast Electric, LLC 
First Coast Security Services, Inc. 
Fisher Tank Company 
Fisher Lifecycle Services DBA Emerson Process Management Power  & Water Solutions Inc.
 Fleet Pressure Washing, Inc. 
Florida Aquastore & Utility Const. Inc. 
Florida Carter Corp. 
Florida Handling Systems 
Florida Infrastructure, Inc. 
Florida Mechanical Systems (Florida Mechanical Crane Rentals) 
Florida Pest Control & Chemical Co. 
Florida Pipe Tech 
Florida Roads Contracting LLC.  Inc.

Florida Safety Contractors
Florida Tel-Con, Inc. 
Florida Transformer, Inc. 
Flotech, Inc. (Valve Repair Services & Tube Services are divisions of Fluid Flow Products Inc.)
Fluid Flow Products Inc.
F.O.S. Industrial Filter Technology, Inc. 
Four A Construction, Inc. 
FQS Bear Equipment, Inc. 
Freedom Landscape & Lawn Maintenance Inc. 
Frontier Industrial Corporation 
Fultech Solutions, LLC 

Accordion Item
Closed Title:G - K
Open Text:

G & H Underground Construction, Inc. 
G4S Technology, LLC 
GAI Consultants, Inc. 
Gannett Fleming, Inc. 
Garmon Trucking, Inc. 
Garney Companies, Inc. (Garney Construction) 
Gator Boring & Trenching, Inc. 
GCA Services Group of North Carolina, Inc. 
GE Energy Services (GE Inspection and Repair Services; GE Installation and Field Service) 
 Genesis Construction & Management, Inc. 
Geomatics Corp. 
 George P. Coyle & Sons, Inc. 
Geosyntec Consultants, Inc. 
Geotek Services, LLC

Ghiotto & Associates 
Gerard Chimney Company 
Getco, Inc. 
 Giddens Security Corporation 
GLE Associates, Inc. 
Global Power Generation Services 
Grace Consulting, Inc. 

Granite Service International dba Fieldcore
Graycor Blasting Company  
Gret Southern Construction Equipment, Co. 
Gregory Electric Company, Inc. 
Grimes Utilities 
Ground Hound Detection Services, Inc.
Ground Penetrating Radar System
Gruhn May, Inc.
H&H Liquid Sludge Disposal 

HK Solutions Group(Hydro-Klean)
H&H Systems & Services, Inc. 
H. Trent Elson Sprinkler System, Inc. 
H2O Backflo, Inc. 
Hager Construction Company 
Hal Jones Contractor, Inc. 
Hamlet Construction 
Hamon Custodis, Inc. 
Handex Consulting & Remediation, LLC. 
Hannon Electric (Hanco International) 
Harrell Construction Company, Inc. 
Harris-McBurney, Co. 
Harry L. Hayes Plumbing, Inc. 
Harry Pepper & Associates, Inc. 
. Hart Electric Company
Hasty Communication 
Haverfield Aviation, Inc. 
Hayward Baker, Inc. 
Hazen and Sawyer 
Hazen Construction, LLC 
HD Suply 
HDR, Inc. 
Heart Utilities, Inc. 
Heat Exchanger Systems, Inc. 
Henkels & McCoy, Inc. 
Herzers Plumbing Service, Inc. 
HG Concrete, LLC (DBA Concrete Advantage) 
Hickman Site Prep 
Hilton Electrical Automation & Testing Services, Inc.(HEATSINC)
Hi-Tech Industrial Services, Inc. 
Holman, Inc. 
Hooper Corporation
Howden Roots/ Howden North America
HRST, Inc. 
Hubbard Construction Company 
Hull's Environmental Services, Inc. 
Huxted Tunneling 
Hydrograss Technologies, Inc. 
Hydro International 

Hydrochem LLC dba Aqu
Hypower, Inc. 
Iberville Insulations, LLC 
IKA Works, Inc.

Image Industries Inc. dba Graphic Application Systems
InCryo Systems, Inc. 
Industrial Cleaning Technology, Inc. 
Industrial Electric Testing 
Industrial Electronics Group Inc. 
Industrial Furnace Co., Inc. 
Industrial Maintenance Group 
Industrial Services Group (DBA Universal Blastco) 
Industrial Valve Sales & Service, Inc. 
Industry Services Co., Inc. 
Infinity Reinforcing, Inc. 
Infratch Corporation 
Insituform Technologies, Inc. 
Insulations, Inc. 

ITG Technologies
Integrated Fire & Security Solutions 
Intelligent Access Systems 
Intercounty Engineering, Inc. 
International Chimney Corporation
International Cooling Tower USA, Inc.
International Duros Steel, Inc. 
Intron Technologies, Inc. 

Intertek USA Inc. dba Intertek AIM
IPR South Central 
Iris Power
Irondale Industrial Contractors 
Ironrock Commerical Construction, LLC. 
ISCO Industries, LLC 
Islands Mechanical Contractor 
Isz Holdings, Inc. (DBA Kitchen and Flooring Concepts)
JB Underground
J & D Maintenance and Services 
J & H Waterstop Utilities, Inc. 
J. B. Coxwell Contracting Division 
J. E. Abercrombie, Inc. 
J. Herbert Corporation 
J. Register Company, Inc. 
J. T. Thorpe & Son Inc/Quantum International Group, Inc. 
J. Whitehead Plumbing 
J.D.Hinson Company 

Jack Pedowitz ENT Inc.
Jacksonville Hauling (DBA as Waste Management of Florida) 
Jacksonville Lawn Care, Inc. 
Jacksonville Sound & Communications, Inc. 
Jacobs Engineering Group, Inc. 
JAEE Environmental Services, Inc. 
Jmes D. Hinson Electrical Contracting Co., Inc. 

Jax Plumbing & Septic Tank, Inc. 
Jax Underground Utilites, Inc. 
Jax Utilities Management, Inc. 
JEA Construction Engineering Services 
Jeff Hall Electric Company  
Jeff's Excavating, Inc. 
Jennie E. Moore, LLC 
Jim's Concrete of Brevard Inc. 
J.J. Barney Construction, Inc. 
John Woody, Inc. 
Johnson Controls, Inc. 
Johnson's Crane Service 
JRGO (Formerly J.R. Giese Operations, LLC) 
JWC Environmental LLC. 
K and J Lawn Care, LLC 
K. C. Maintenance and Lawn Care, LLC 
Kaelyns Enterprises 
KBT Contracting Corp. 

Kelly Equipment Company of Florida Inc.

Kiewit Infrastructure South Co.
Kimmis Contracting Corporation 
Kirby Development 
 KNR Electrical Services Inc. 
Kone, Inc. 
Koogler & Associates, Inc. 
Krystal Companies, LLC (DBA Krystal Klean) 
Kudzue 3 Trucking, Inc. 

Accordion Item
Closed Title:L - P
Open Text:

L & K Electric, Inc. 
L. D. Bradley Land Surveyors 

LaFavorite Industries Inc. L.E. Meyers

Landis & Gyr dba Cellnet
Landscape Construction, Inc. 
Lang Environmental, Inc. 
 Lawns By LJ, LLC 
Layne Christensen Company 
Lee & Cates Glass, Inc. 
Lee Engineering & Construction 
Legacy Engineering, Inc. 
Legacy Water Group, LLC. 
Lewis Diving & Salvage, Inc.

Lewis Environmental Inc, 
Lewis Tree Service 
Lewis-Goetz and Company, Inc. 
Life Safety Designs, Inc. 
Lifetime Steel Buildings 
Lighthouse Electrical Contractors, Inc. 
Lockwood Site Services & Utilities 
Louisiana Chemical Dismantling 
Lube Specialist 

Lubrizol Oilfield Solutions Inc.
M & J Construction Company of Pinellas County, Inc. 
 M&S Steel Inc.
M&J Striping, Inc. 
M. Gay Constructors, Inc 
Mabey Bridge & Shore, Inc. 
 Macro Plastics, Inc. 
 Main Street Site & Utility, LLC 
Mallen Construction, Inc. 
Maloy Grading Corp. 
Mandarin Wallpaper & Decorating 
Mansfield Industrial, Inc.
Mason Construction 
Mardant Electrical Const. Co., Inc.  
Marietta Sand Corp. 
Marine Industrial Services 
Marmon Utility LLC

Martin Engineering
Massey Services, Inc. 
Material Handling Systems 
Maudlin International 

Maxim Crane
Maxwell Lightning Protection 
McCall Service, Inc. 
McDonough Construction Rentals, Inc. (DBA McDonough Elevator Sales & Rental) 
McDowell & Ariail, Inc. 
McKendree's Plumbing and Heating, Inc. 
Mears Group, Inc. 
Mechanical Solutions, Inc. 
Mechling Engineering & Consulting Inc. 

Mesa Associates Inc.
Meskel & Associates Engineering, PLLC 
Metalcoat, Inc. of Florida 
Met-Con, Inc. 
Mettler-Toledo, Inc. 
Michels Corporation 
Mid State Dewatering, Inc. 
Mid-Atlantic Crane and Equipment Co. 
Midsun Group 
Military Construction Corporation 
Miller Electric Company 
Miller Painting Co., Inc. 
Milton J. Wood Company 
Milton J. Wood Fire Protection 
MiniTech dba Momar 
Miranda Contracting, Inc. 
Mister Gene Clean Janitorial Services, Inc. 
Mistras Group, Inc. (Ropeworks) 
Mitten Manufactoring 
MMLM Inc. dba Big T Concrete Cutting 
MMR Group, Inc. 
Mobile Dredging & Pumping Company 
Mobro Marine, Inc. 
MOR PPM, Inc. 
Moran Environmental Recovery, LLC (MER) (Fleet Environmental Services) 
Moretrench Environmental Services 
.MSE Group LLC 
MTI Power Services 
Musgrove Construction, Inc. 
Myers Industrial Equipment Services (DBA Myers-Seth Pump, Inc.) 
N-Season Services
N.P. Construction of North Florida, Inc. 
National Chimney & Stack, Inc. 
National Heat Exchange Cleaning Corp. 
National Water Main Cleaning Company 
NAV-TECH Directional Drilling, Inc. 
Nelson & Company Engineered Service
Network Cabling Services, Inc. 
New South Access & Environmental (DBA New South Mat) 
Newkirk Electric Associates, Inc. 
Newsom Fence Company, Inc. 
Nieman & Company Rigging & Crane Service, Inc. 
Nolan Plumbing & Irrigation, Inc. 
. North American Energy Services (NAES) 
North Florida Electrical Contractors, Inc. 
Norton Corrosion Limited 
O.R. "Dicky" Smith and Company, Inc. 
Ocean State Technical Services (OST Services) 
Odyssey Manufacturing Co. 
Oldcastle Precast Orlando 

ONAS Corporation 
O'Rourke Wrecking Company
ORR Protection System Inc. 
Ortega Industrial Contractors 
Osmose Utilities Services, Inc. 
Overland Contracting, Inc. (OCI) 
Owen Electric Company, Inc. 
P. R. Steelecoat, Inc. 
Pace Analytical Services 
 Pars Construction Services 
Parallel Construction Company 
Partridge Well Drilling Co., Inc. 

Patriot Thermal Controls Inc.
 PAW Materials 
PBM Constructors, Inc. 
PCL Construction, Inc. 
Peak Fall Protection 
Pen Gulf, Inc. 
Perdue, Inc. 
Performance Painting Contractros, Inc. 
Perma-Fix of Florida, Inc. 
Perry-McCall Construction 
Petroleum Recovery Services 
Petrotech Southeast, Inc 
Petticoat-Schmitt Civil Contractors, Inc. 
Phasettronics, Inc. 
Phillips & Jordan, Inc. 
Phillips Industrial Services 
Pickett & Associates, Inc. 
Pike Electric, LLC 
Pipeline Contractors, Inc. 
Piping and Corrosion Specialties, Inc. 
Pittsburg Tank & Tower Company, Inc. 
Plastic Composites, Inc. 
Plastocor, Inc. 
Plexi-Chemie Inc.
PLIRICO Sales & Service, Inc. 
Polydyne, Inc. 
Poole & Kent Company Florida
Portland Utilities Construction Co.

Pottsco Industrial Services LLC 
Power Foundation, Inc. 
PowerGrid Services LLC
Power Plant Services/Alin Machining 
PowerSecure, Inc.
Powerserve Technologies
PowerTown Line Construction, LLC 
Praxair Distribution SE, LLC 
Precision Contracting Service, Inc. 
Precision Testing Group

Precision IceBlast Corporation 
Precon Corporation 

Preferred Drilling Solutions Inc.
Premier Commuications Group, Inc. 
Premier Corrosion Protection Services (USA), Inc. 
Premier Water & Energy Technology, Inc. 
Prism Response, Inc. 
Probe Domain, Inc. 
Proctor's Landscaping and Lawn Care, Inc. (DBA Greenland Solutions) 
ProEnergy Services, LLC 
Progen, Incorporated 
Progress Rail Services Corporation 
Progressive Environmental Services (DBA SWS Environmental) . 
Prolime, Inc. 
Public Utilities Maintenance, Inc. 
Pullman Power, LLC 
Purcell Investments, LLC (DBA All Pro Asphalt) 
Pure Technologies US Inc. dba Wachs Water Services
Pureflow, Inc. 

Accordion Item
Closed Title:Q - U
Open Text:

Quality Electrical Service, Inc. 
R & B Contracting, Inc. 
R and P Industrial Chimney Co., Inc. 
 R. A. W. Construction, LLC 
R. E. Bay Electric Co., Inc. 
R. E. Holland & Associates, Inc. 
R. G. White Construction, Inc. 
R. M. Myers Company, Inc 
R. W. Harris, Inc. 
R. W. Summers Railroad Contractor, Inc. 
Radiological Health Services 
Rangeline Tapping Services, Inc. 
Ray Ware Hardware Inc. 
RC Development Group, Inc. 
RD Masonry, Inc. 
Realco Recycling Co. (DBA Realco Wrecking Co.) 
Regency Electric Company, Inc. 
Reliable Constructors, Inc. 
Reliable Substation Services 
Relipole Services 
Renovo Services (DBA Servpro of Arlington) 
Reynolds Construction, LLC. 
RFE Construction & Fence Services 
Richard L. Oreair & Company 
Rinkwell Plumbing, Inc. 
River City Industrial 
RJ's Underground Utilities, Inc. 
Roadscape North Florida, Inc. 
Robert M. Angas Associates, Inc. 
Robinson Fans Service & Equipment Co., Inc. 
Rocky Mountain Fabrication 
Rogers Helicopters Inc. dba Source 
Rogers Pavement Maintenance 
Rountree Transport & Rigging, Inc. 
Rowe Drilling Company, Inc. 
Rowland, Inc. 
RPM Services, Inc. 
Rubber Applications 
Ruby-Collins, Inc. 
Russelectric, Inc. 
S & ME, Inc. 
S & S Metal & Plastics 
S & S Recycling & Demolition of Mansfield LLC.
S. David & Company, Inc. 
S. J. Louis Construction Inc. 
Sabre Demolition Corporation
Safety Contractors, Inc. 
Safway Services, LLC 
Safeworks Industrial
Saiia Construction, LLC 
Salonen Marine, Inc. 
Sauer, Inc. 
Sawcross, Inc. 
Saybolt LP 
.Scherer Construction & Engineering of North Florida, LLC 
Schweitzer Engineerings, Inc. (SEL)  
Schwing Bioset 
Scott Tower Services, Inc. 
Seacor Painting Company 
Seal Analytical Inc.
Seaward Marine Corporation 
SE Energy LLC. 
SEI-Group (Southern Erectors, Inc., Southern Environmental, Inc. & Thermal Separation Technologies/Titan America Business) 
Seletek, Inc.
Shambaugh & Son, L.P. 
Shamrock Environmental Corp. 
Sharrer Electric Company, Inc. 
Signco Architectural Signage Grp dba 5SE LLC
Shimp sign & Design, Inc.
Simpson Environmental Services, Inc. 
Sims Crane & Equipment Co. 
Sims Crane & Equipment Co. 
Skinner Horizontal Utilities Service, Inc. 
Slaughter Construction Co., Inc. 
SLT Services Inc. 
Smith & Sons Sod Co, Inc.

Smith Surveying Group 
Sonny Glasbrenner, Inc. 
South Georgia Conveyor Belt, Inc.
South Georgia Industrial Services Inc.
South Georgia Scaffolding Inc.
Southeast Abatement Services, Inc. 
Southeast Environmental Contracting, Inc. 
Southeast Paving, Inc. 
Southeast Pipe Survey, Inc. 
Southeast Power Corp. 
 Southeast Valve, Inc. 
Southeastern Construction & Maintenance, Inc. 
Southeastern Stainless Fabricators, Inc. (DBA I. R. Bowen) 
Southern Diversified Technologies, Inc.
Southern Flow 
Southern States ToyotaLift 
Southern Waterproofing, Inc. 
Southern Wrecker & Recovery, LLC. 
Southwest Engineers, Inc. 
Southwest Stainless & Alloy 
Space Sciences Services, Inc. 
Speedy Concrete Cutting of Jacksonville 
SPE Utiity Contractors 
SPE Utility Contractors FD, LLC 
Speech Privacy Systems, LLC 
Sports Turf Company, Inc. 
SPX Transformer Solutions, Inc. (Formerly Waukesha Electric Systems) 
SSES, Inc. (Southern Sewer Equipment Sales) 
Stable Soils of Florida, Inc. 
St. Johns Air 
Standard Specialities, Inc. 
Standard Utilities, Inc. 
State Contracting and Engineering Corp. 
Steamcon, Inc. 
Stebbins Engineering & Manufactoring Co. 
Sterling Boiler & Mechanical, Inc. 
Stewart's Electric Motor Works, Inc. 

Stokes Boiler Co. dba Crawford Boiler & Engineering

Strack Inc.
 Strate Welding Supply Co., Inc. 
Stroud Diving & Hydrography 
Structural Preservation Systems, LLC 
Suddath Relocation Systems of Jacksonville 
Sumter Utilities 
Sunbelt Rentals & Scaffold Services 
Sunbelt Rentals Pump & Power Services 
Suncoast Ind. Services, Inc. (Formerly Suncoast Industrial Testing Services, Inc.) 
Sunland Construction, Inc. 
Sunstate Nursery & Landscape 
Superheat FGH 
Superior Construction Co., Inc. 
Superior Industrial Maintenance Company, Inc. 
Superior Millwork Company 
Superior ROW Services, LLC.
 Surface KIng LLC.
Suwanee Valley Grassing, Inc. 
SV Dynamics 
T2 UES Inc.
T&M Electric of Clay County, Inc. 
T. G. Utility Company, Inc. 
Taihan Electric USA LtD
TankRehab LLC
Tanktek, Inc. dba Envirotek dba Action Environmental 
Taprogge America Corp
TAW Jacksonville - Tampa Armature Works, Inc. (DBA TAW Custom Equipment) 
Taylor's Industrial Coatings, Inc. 
TB Landmark Construction, Inc. 
TCI of Alabama, LLC 
TDW Services, Inc. 
TEAM Industrial Services, Inc. 
Technical Field Services, Inc. 
Tecta America Southeast 
TEI Construction Services, Inc. 
Terracon Consultants, Inc. 
TerraData Unmanned, PLLC 
Terry's Electric, Inc. 
Tetra Tech, Inc. (Formerly Tetra Tech NUS) 
The BG Group, LLC 
The Carpet Tree 
The Crom Corporation 
The Cutting Edge of Jax, Inc. 
The Davey Tree Expert Co. 
The Fishel Company (Team Fishel) 
The L.E. Myers Co
The Mechanical Shop Inc.. 
The Rose Group 
The Touring Company 
Thermal Engineering International 
Thermal Engineering Services Company (See North Florida Shipyards) 
ThermaServe, Inc. 

Thermon Inc.
Thermo Electron North America 
Thielsch Engineering, Inc. 
Thomas Contracting 
Thomas Electrical Systems & Testing, Inc. 
Thompson Industrial Services, Inc. 
Thompson Pump & Manufacturing Co., Inc. 
Threez Company, LLC 
ThyssenKrupp Elevator Corporation 
ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solutions Inc. 
TIC (The Industrial Company) 
Tietjen Tech., Inc. 
Tillman Building Services, Inc. 
Tillman Septic Pumping Services, Inc. 
Tim-Prep, Inc. 
Titan Contracting & Leasing Co., Inc.
TLB Ventures Inc. dba The Flying Locksmiths 
TLC Diversified, Inc. 
TLC Projects LLC.
TMC Environmental, Inc. 

TMR Trademark Metals

Tom Jenkins Electric Service
Tomco2 Systems 
Total Office Solutions, Inc. 
Total Wrecking & Environmental, LLC. 
Tower Systems South, Inc. 
Traffic Control Devices, Inc. 
Transformer Manintenance & Service Inc.
TRC Engergy Engineering Professional LLC
TRC Environmental Corporation 
Tree Tech Tree Service, Inc. 
Trees, Inc. 
Trekker Tractor 
TRIAD Electric & Controls, Inc. 
Triangle Lightning Protection, Inc. 
Trihydro Corporation 
Tremco Inc
Trinity Maintenance
Triple S Fire Protection Inc.
Tri-State Contractors of Florida, Inc. 
Tri-Tool, Inc. 

Tropical Enclosure by Master Screens Inc.

True Line Coring & Cutting of Tampa Inc.
Trusted Hand 
Truston Technologies, Inc. 
TSI Services, Inc. 
Turbine Diagnostics Services, Inc. 

Turbine and Machine Works Inc.
Turbine Master, Inc. 
Turner Industries Group, LLC 
TV Diversified, Inc. 
Twigg Tree Care Service 
Underground Mechanix Services LLC
Underground Pipeline Rehabilitation
Underwater Solutions

US Underwater Services LLC
U.S. Nitro Blasting & Environmental 
United Access 
United Brothers Development Corp. 
United Dynamics "Advance Technologies" Corporation 
United Rentals (North America) Inc. 
United Security Alliance, Inc. 
Unitherm, Inc. (Smith/Unitherm, Inc.) 
Univar USA Inc. 
Universal Engineering Sciences 
Universal Painting Corp. 
Universal Services, Inc. 
URS Corporation 
US Peroxide, LLC 
Utilimap Corporation 

Utilimap Corporation dba Quality Uitility Services Inc.
Utility Lines Construction Services, Inc. (ULCS) 
Utility Service & Maintenance, Inc. 
Utility Services Authority, LLC 

Accordion Item
Closed Title:V - Z
Open Text:

V.J. Usina Contracting, Inc. 
Vallencourt Construction Co. 

Vallencourt Inc.
Valley Crest Maintenance Jacksonville 
Valmet, Inc. 
Valve & Actuation Services, LLC (DBA Chalmers & Kubeck South) 
Veolia ES Industrial Services, Inc.

VGM Construction 
Victor Mountain, Inc. 
Vigneaux Corp. 
Vilano Electric, Inc. 
Viper Communication Systems, Inc. 
Vista Window Tinting of Jacksonville 
Volunteer Restoration, Inc. 
Vulcan Painters, Inc. 
W. A. Chester, LLC 
W. A. Kendall & Co., Inc. 
W.D. Gardner, LLC. 
W. Earl Floyd & Son, Inc. 
W. J. Sapp & Son, Inc. 
W. R. Townsend Contracting, Inc. 
W. W. Gay Mechanical Contracting, Inc. 
W.G. Yates & Sons Construction Company (Yates) 
W.W. Gay Fire Protection, Inc. (Formerly W. W. Gay Fire & Integrated Systems, Inc.) 
W9Y Construction, Inc. 
Wachs Energy Services Company 
Waddington & Son Electric Co. 
Walashek Industrial & Marine, Inc. 
Walt Dittmer & Sons 
Walter P. Moore and Associates, Inc. 
Warden Construction Corp. 
Warren Asphalt Company 
Waste Pro of Florida 
Watake, Inc. 
Water & Air Research, Inc. 
Water Recovery, Inc. 
Water Treatment & Controls Co. 
Watergate Painting & Decorating, Inc. 
Waterfield Saffing, LLC. dba Action Labor of Florida 
Waterhouse Corporation 
Waterproofing Specialists, Inc. 
Watson Civil Construction, Inc. 
Watt's Welding and Fabrication, Inc. 
Wayne Automatic Fire Sprinklers, Inc. 
Wayne Conn Plumbing, Inc. 
Weatherproofing Technologies 
Weeks Utility Services, Inc. 
Weldtech Services Corp 
West Shore Services, Inc.  
Westside Electric, Inc.  
Westwind Contracting 

Westtech Industrial Inc. dba Varec BioGas

White Electrical Construction Company
Whitestone Construction 
Whiting Services, Inc. 
Williams Electric Company 
Williams Industrial Services, LLC 
Wilson Machine and Welding Works, Inc. 
Wilson Utility Construction Co. 
Winco, Inc. 

Wind River Enviromental LLC  of Florida dba Metro Rooter
Wingate Communications & Electric, Inc. 
Wingfoot Commercial Tire Systems, Inc. 
Wisteria Landscape 
Workplace Solutions, Inc. 
Worth Contracting, Inc. 
Worth Cutting and Sealing, Inc. 
WPC Industrial Contractors, LLC 
WRS Infrastructure and Environment, Inc. 
XEYE, Inc. 
Xtreme Powerline Construction, Inc. 
Yown's Boiler & Service 
Z Contracting (DBA National Conductor Constructors) 
Zabatt Power Systems
Zion Marine

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