Water Quality Reports

Residents of Northeast Florida are very fortunate to have potable water supplied from such a pristine and stable water source as the Floridan aquifer. Located 800 to 1,000 feet below land surface, the aquifer is highly protected from chemical contamination by a thick layer of clay that prevents chemicals from entering the aquifer. The water is clean, fresh, and requires minimal treatment. It is simply pumped from the wells, aerated to remove sulfur compounds, chlorinated for disinfection, and distributed to our customers.

Stewards of Our Water

JEA takes stewardship of the community’s water supply very seriously and follows all regulatory requirements of the FDEP and EPA. JEA makes substantial investments to safely manage the water supply resource and to operate the system to meet water quality standards per all regulatory requirements.

Water Quality Testing

JEA conducts a comprehensive monitoring program by collecting and analyzing water samples from various locations throughout our treatment area. This program is regulated by the state. These samples are tested for more than 100 bacteriological and chemical components. On average, JEA performs around 45,000 water tests a year. Most of the elements and minerals present in our drinking water occur naturally in the aquifer at very low levels.

The Water Quality Report, published annually by July 1, provides a comprehensive summary of these water quality tests in the most recent sampling periods. The data in the Water Quality Report demonstrate that JEA’s water supply and delivery grids provide an excellent source of high-quality and safe water.

Water Quality Reports

Water Quality Reports are issued the year following the results. The Water Quality Report provides information on JEA’s water treatment systems, any contaminants found in the water during routine testing, and answers to some frequently asked questions.

Print copies of these reports are available for free at our Downtown Customer Service Center.

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