Vegetation Management

At JEA, we walk a fine line when trimming trees and removing branches that have become electrical hazards. We try to always maintain a balance between four, often competing, concerns including safety, electric reliability, tree health, aesthetics.

As your utility provider, we make sure tree limbs and other vegetation don’t grow or blow into the power lines and cause outages. We train our crews to trim responsibly because a beautiful tree canopy and a job well done are important to us.

FERC Lines

Tree Line USA Utility

Every year since 2011, JEA has been designated a Tree Line USA Utility by the Arbor Day Foundation. Our degreed foresters and certified arborists supervise and inspect all the trimming work. Only 145 other utilities nationally have earned this title by proving competency in these five areas:

  • Quality tree care
  • Annual worker training
  • Tree-based energy conservation program
  • Arbor Day Celebration
  • Tree planting and public education

Tree Free Zones
Why must we cut back trees – and all growth – under our high speed transmission lines? Learn more about the need for these Federal requirements.  

Tree Trimming
At JEA, we believe trimming trees today, prevents power outages tomorrow. We trim responsibly, under the direction of the certified arborists we employ. We’ve won the TreeLine USA Award from the National Arbor Day Foundation two years in a row for our responsible tree practices. 

Tree Damage and Debris Removal
If a tree falls in my yard will JEA get rid of it for me? We get this question a lot. Find out the answer. 

Vine Maintenance Program
Vines can grow very rapidly and use other objects such as utility poles, guy wires, and other upright structures for support. To make matters worse, the conductive tissue of a vine’s vascular system can result in outages, service interruptions, or serious injury. That's why JEA's vegetation management plan includes a methodical vine eradication program.

Greenscape of Jacksonville Partnership

Through a program called “Green Releaf,” JEA works with Greenscape of Jacksonville to provide trees to schools, parks and neighborhood organizations aimed at growing our urban tree canopy. All trees donated to this program are planted by Greenscape volunteers on public property, which can include utility easements and street medians.

Contact JEA's arborists and professional foresters for more information about tree plantings with Greenscape of Jacksonville: (904) 665-6050 or 

    Tips for Planting and Choosing a Tree
    At JEA, we believe in planting the right tree in the right place. The right type of tree planted away from power lines and on the correct side of your house, will keep your house warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Learn details here.

    In Your Community

    Underground Power Lines
    Most new neighborhoods have them. Many older neighborhoods want them. Learn about the necessary requirements and the cost associated with bringing underground power lines to your neighborhood. 

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