Residential Forms and Policies

Residential Account Forms

Are you planning to fill a new swimming pool or refill your pool after a repair? Use our Pool Fill Affidavit to request a credit on the wastewater portion of your bill.
Pool Fill Affidavit

Customers may request their electric meter be relocated on their property for a number of reasons. Please fill out this form and a member of our Meter Services group will be in contact with you.
Electric Meter Relocation Form

Help your neighbors out during tough times. Sign up to add a donation to Neighbor to Neighbor donation on your JEA bill.
Neighbor to Neighbor Donations

The Prosperity Scholarship Fund initiative helps provide higher education and training to the next generation and also promotes economic development. Sign up to add a donation to the Prosperity Scholarship Fund on your JEA bill.
Prosperity Scholarship Fund Donations

Residential Account Policies

Irrigation and Reclaimed Water Meter Applications