Backflow Preventer Checkup Program

JEA’s Backflow Preventer Checkup program helps customers with JEA residential irrigation service connections comply with state environmental regulations designed to protect the quality of our drinking water. 

If Your Backflow Preventer is Due for Testing

  • JEA will schedule a certified backflow preventer tester to come to your home to test your device; you do not need to be at home and the inspector will not enter your home.* 
  • The $35 fee for this testing will be added to your next JEA bill.
  • The tester will report your test results to JEA and leave a copy of the findings at your home.
  • If your backflow preventer passes the test, JEA will notify you that you are in compliance.
  • If you prefer to hire your own contractor to conduct the testing, simply have your backflow preventer tested and submit the passing test report to JEA within 30 days. Upon receipt of the passing test results, JEA will notify you that your device is in compliance.

If Your Backflow Preventer Requires Repairs

  • Select a vendor to make the necessary repairs
  • Once repairs are made, have your vendor retest the backflow preventer and submit the results to JEA.
  • Upon receipt of a passing test result, JEA will confirm that your device is in compliance.

For more information on JEA’s Backflow Checkup program, call (904) 665-6000.

*JEA has contracted the following vendors to complete backflow preventer checks as part of the Backflow Preventer Checkup Program: Advanced Connections, Aaron’s Backflow, and Bob’s Backflow. JEA will assign one of these contractors to perform your checkup.