Women in Power

For Women’s History Month, we celebrate the contributions made by women here at JEA. That includes the inspirational women of yesterday who we continue to admire, the leaders we look up to today, and the future changemakers of tomorrow.

Below you can hear more from a few of the current female leaders found across our organization. What they do each day helps ensure JEA can provide reliable electric, water and sewer services to our community.


Sandra Hughes

JEA Meter Specialist Senior


Maria Carbral

JEA Weigh Clerk


Amanda Breen

JEA Operator Maintainer Trainee


Audrey Bureau

JEA Process Chemistry Technician


Janelle Thomas Hatch

JEA Power Plant Operator

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Raynetta Marshall, Chief Operating Officer

Chris (talyn) Pruitt, Sr Mgr Generation Support

Valerie Guiterrez, President of IBEW 2358 and Protection & Controls System Tech II with JEA

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