Women in Power

The social media campaign #JEAWomenInPower featured some of the women working hard in JEA's engineering department. The engineers at JEA work to design, manufacture and maintain JEA’s products and materials.

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CareersJisoo, Associate Engineer

“When I tell people that I am an engineer at JEA, they seem to be surprised that a girl became an engineer. This is unusual for me because the engineering department that I was in at school had a good ratio between male and female. Not exactly knowing what engineering is, people tend to overlook at the fact that the number of women in engineering is increasing every year. Engineering requires creativity, critical thinking, and collaborative teamwork beyond all the technical knowledge. These abilities are not limited to just men. I am proud to be an engineer for the work I do and what I can contribute.”

CareersBrandy, Electrical Engineer

Why the utility industry?

“I truly enjoy being an electrical engineer who designs and manages substation projects in the utility industry. Being a part of JEA is rewarding in that everything we do from mathematical calculations to public presentations focuses on ensuring the most reliable and cost effective method of delivering electricity to each and every one of our customers’ homes and businesses is chosen. I am grateful to be involved in such an important aspect of our everyday lives.”

CareersRené, Associate Engineer

“As a woman in the utility industry, I have learned that while we may be small in number, our contributions are large in impact. Being an engineer at JEA has granted me the privilege to interact with authentic, diligent, and influential women who are key players in sustaining and advancing our business. This only encourages me as I continue on my career path and contribute to growing our renewable fleet.”

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CareersKelsey, Environmental Engineer

What have you learned about being a woman in the utility industry?

“Being a woman in the utility industry has taught me to believe in the power of my abilities. That I am able to change perceptions in order to guide the next generation.”

CareersJessica, Associate Engineer

What is the best professional advice you received?

“Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might.”

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