Our Electric Generation Strategy

JEA is proud of its Electric System and its reputation as one of the nation’s exemplary municipal service providers. As of January 2018, our existing generation capacity is approximately 3,300 MWs and our generation fleet contains a diverse resource mix that includes two thirds natural gas. The remaining generation comes from coal, petcoke and renewables such as solar and methane gas.

Brandy Branch Generating Facility
Brandy Branch Generating Facility

Our Electric Business

JEA’s diverse electric generation fleet allows us to fine-tune our generation strategy based on the price of natural gas, petcoke or coal. This agility helps keep prices low for our customers.
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JEA owns or co-owns five electric generation facilities, including renewable energy sources.
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The Energy Authority (TEA) provides public power utilities with access to advanced resources and technology systems so they can respond competitively in the changing energy markets.
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JEA is one of 35 nationally and one of four in the state of Florida to receive the Diamond RP3 designation for our electric reliability efforts.
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Electric Safety

Many of our employees work in dangerous jobs, around electricity and at industrial facilities. We take electric safety seriously and we want you to, as well.
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