Wastewater Meter Installation Steps

In order for the meter be proper designed and installed for JEA's acceptance, here are a few steps we (The customer, Customer's Consultant, and JEA) should adhere to:

  1. Decide which system of ground water discharge would be best suitable for the process.
    • Open System – Gravitational Open Channel Discharge
    • Closed System – Magnetic Flow Meter installed after generally a lift station where discharge is generally pumped through.
  2. Determine what type and make of meter to utilize to capture the sewer flow.
  3. Determine the average discharge flow rate in GPM and show calculations that the average flow profile will be in the range of 3 feet per second - 15 feet per second in order to accurately capture all flow volume. This flow profile will yield the best accuracy on all average meters.
  4. Determine the optimum location for the meter to be installed and provide sketch(es) of how the meter will be installed, including structural supports. JEA will be happy to meet with you or your engineer/consultant onsite to discuss the location as it is planned.
  5. It would mutually beneficial for above items 1-4 be agreed to by both you and JEA prior to proceeding any further including procuring the meter.
  6. Review and execute forms and agreements in the back of the design guideline manual and submit them to our PreService Office at 21 W. Church Street, Jacksonville, FL 32202.
  7. Once the meter has been procured and installed per our agreement, please notify JEA and JEA will inspect the meter, and if there are no further concerns, will initialize the meter in the account for billing.

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