Requests for Information


Requests for Information (RFI) include solicitations to determine interest in providing goods or services to JEA prior to a formal or informal solicitation being created. JEA, at its sole discretion, will determine whether or not to pursue the purchase of these items. Current RFIs as well as specifications for each can be found below. If you are interested in a particular solicitation, you can register to receive information.

98407 (RFI) EAM Feasibility

JEA is researching costs and functionality for a Enterprise Asset Management system (EAM).  JEA is looking for a product suited for utilities with linear assets. This will support JEA's strategic initiative to improve its technology efficiencies and expand its digital capabilities. The project will also take steps toward maximizing the value of JEA's Enterprise Asset program, by providing data on the complete lifecycle costs of the assets, operating and maintenance cost and asset performance. Additionally, we expect to see an increase in supply chain efficiencies, warehouse visibility, Oracle Projects functionality and improvements in cyber security.

Response Due Date: December 13, 2019