Backflow is the flow of water in the wrong direction from a customer's water system into the public water supply. Backflow may be caused by back pressure or back siphonage.

A backflow preventer is a mechanical device that prevents water from entering the public water supply. When an irrigation system using reclaimed, pond or well water is present, backflow devices are required on the JEA drinking water line to prevent water from these auxiliary systems from contaminating the public drinking supply. 

Residential Backflow Preventer

Residential Backflow Prevention Devices

Since 1990, the Florida Building Code has required that residential irrigation systems have a backflow preventer. The state requires that homeowners have the device tested every two years to prevent contamination of the public drinking water.
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Commercial Backflow Prevention Devices

The City of Jacksonville Building Inspection Division has required the installation of backflow preventers on all commercial fire sprinkler service lines, irrigation lines and potable water lines. Commercial assemblies must be tested every year.
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Qualified Backflow Prevention Vendors List

JEA’s qualified vendor program is offered to customers for their convenience in choosing a vendor who meets our requirements to test, repair, replace and install backflow preventers.
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