Zycus: Procurement E-Sourcing and Contract Management Portal

JEA's Zycus Platform is Here

JEA Procurement introduces Zycus, a cloud-based solution for Procurement E-Sourcing and Contract Management. The new solution will allow JEA to streamline workflow processes; improve contract management and document control, supplier interaction and participation, and vendor performance evaluations; and realize new savings and analytics opportunities.

Benefits of the New Portal

The new Zycus portal will offer JEA and its suppliers numerous improvements to current Procurement processes:

  • Improved JEA business and supplier communications
  • More accurate solicitation and contract information available when you need it
  • Elimination of paper hard copy bid responses and contracts
  • Improved workflow approvals, including DocuSign for signing
  • Reduced carbon footprint 

NOTE: We recommend suppliers use the Google Chrome browser for the best user experience with Zycus. If you do not currently have access to Google Chrome, please ensure you have the most updated version.

Sign into Zycus

For existing suppliers with a username and password.

Sign into Zycus 

Create a Zycus Account

For potential suppliers seeking access to do business with JEA and gain access to Zycus.

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Zycus User Guide

Please read through our user guide to gain a better understanding of the Zycus Portal and the different ways to retrieve, update, and upload information through the Portal.

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Operational Supplier Help Guide 

Potential Supplier Help Guide 

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Questions? Email us at ZycusHelp@jea.com.

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