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Formal solicitations include procurement purchases of goods or services estimated to cost more than $300,000. JEA purchases are made through a competitive bidding process. If you are interested in a particular solicitation please view specifications below. To get additional information regarding a solicitation, please use the links below to register to be added to our mailing list.
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All bid openings are held on Tuesdays at 2:00 p.m. at JEA, 21 W. Church Street in the Customer Center 1st Floor, Room 002 (unless otherwise noted). Sealed bid/proposal packets must be submitted to the Bid Office by 12:00 noon prior to bid opening at 2:00 p.m.

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037-19 (ITN) Repair and Installation of Security Fencing

The purpose of this Invitation to Negotiate (the "ITN") is to evaluate and select a vendor that can provide Repair and Installation of Security Fencing (also referred to as the "Work" or "Services").  

The scope of this contract is to secure the services of a qualified contractor which will provide procurement, installation, and maintenance of security fencing and gates at various JEA facilities and sites. The security fencing and gates will consist of multiple compositions including, but not limited to, ornamental metal, galvanized, and black vinyl chain link.  In addition, this work may include trenching, excavation, ground clearing, and concrete work. 

All maintenance services rendered under this contract shall be by uniformed employees of the bidder and no part of the servicing or emergency call-back service may be subcontracted.  


Response Due Date: September 24, 2019


061-19 (ITN) Pipe Bursting Unit Price Construction

The purpose of this Invitation to Negotiate (ITN) is to solicit pricing for trenchless rehabilitation to JEA’s gravity sewer system using the Pipe Bursting method. This work will be performed throughout the JEA service area. This Work to be performed is the installation of sewer mains by the pipe bursting method, including connecting to existing sewer mains, connecting to existing services or installing house connections. The Contractor will furnish all labor, equipment, materials, tools and appurtenances necessary for the performance and completion of the Work.

Bid Due Date: September 17, 2019


106-19 (IFB) Bradley Road Booster Pump Station

JEA is soliciting Bids from Responsible Bidders for the construction of a new booster station to replace the existing dry pit/wet pit station at 10477 Bradley Road. The booster station will be built on JEA property adjacent to the existing station, which will remain in service during construction. The major equipment in the booster station will consist of six (6) 140 hp primary booster pumps, two (2) 35 hp jockey pumps, two (2) 475 hp diesel standby pumps, one (1) 800 kw diesel standby generator, switchgear/MCCs, two (2) discharge mag meters, one (1) concrete electrical building, and yard piping. Site work will consist of clearing, grubbing, grading, along with new security fencing and landscaping. Some minor drainage work and new driveways will be installed. Following completion of the new booster station and a 30 day test period, the existing station will be demolished. Additional information can be found in Appendix A - Technical Specifications.

Bid Due Date: September 24, 2019


127-19 (ITN) Strategic Alternatives

The objective of this Invitation to Negotiate (ITN) is to evaluate proposals on strategic alternatives, subject to the minimum requirements JEA has set forth in the Strategic Alternatives Process Section of this ITN, that are aligned with JEA’s goal of maximizing customer, community, environmental, and financial value over the long term. JEA will consider proposals that build upon JEA’s strengths and seek to eliminate certain existing business constraints.

Deadline to submit written questions via email to the Designated Procurement Representatives: 2 p.m. on September 10, 2019

Deadline to submit Replies and all required documents to the JEA Procurement Bid Office: 12:00 p.m. on October 7, 2019

Please submit questions to


130-19 (ITN) Fuel Tank Cleaning, Treatment, and Testing Services

The purpose of this Invitation to Negotiate (ITN) is to evaluate and select a vendor that can provide fuel tank cleaning, treatment, and testing services.  

This contract is executed between JEA and the Contractor to perform services including, but not limited to: Fuel Tank Cleaning, Treatment and Testing of the diesel fuel within the tanks.  The Contractor shall perform cleaning, treatment with JEA provided chemical, and testing of all JEA tanks as listed in Appendix C – JEA Tank List.  Tank types shall include, but not be limited to, steel construction, concrete encased construction, stand-alone or sub-base mounted in conjunction with a diesel generator or other diesel-powered equipment.  During the two (2) non-cleaning years, each tank shall be sampled and treated only. The Response Workbook is used to establish pricing and as a guideline, not a guarantee of work.  JEA may take action to perform work in house and, thereby, reduce Contractor workload.  These specifications are not intended to supersede Federal, State, or local regulations to which the Contractor must comply.

Response Due Date: September 17, 2019



The purpose of this Invitation to Negotiate (the "ITN") for the data integration software as a service (SaaS) or platform as a service (PaaS) project is to evaluate and select a vendor that can provide a software tool to develop, manage, and maintain a modern data integration pipeline and facilitate accessibility to the data in a more secure and efficient manner. JEA will select either the SaaS or PaaS option during the written evaluation phase and determine the shortlisted participants based upon which option is selected during that phase. 

The software solution should at a minimum:
• Operate and be maintained as a hosted cloud 
• Integrate data in a hybrid environment (Cloud, Multi-Cloud, Cloud-Ground scenarios)
• Include an intuitive, graphical user interface for ETL, CDC, Streaming and Services development
• Handle complex transformations from a variety of data source types, platforms and velocities
• Support and/or integrate easily with 3rd party monitoring, governance and security tools.
• Support ingestion of external metadata for agile development
• Support Single Sign-on and integration with Active Directory
NOTE: Implementation is not included in this solicitation. Implementation will be solicited separately following the determination of the software solution. 

After launch should include:
• Three (3) years of Technical support for system administrator and developers

Bid Due Date: September 24, 2019


132-19 (ITN) Purchase of Steel Transmission Poles Phase 2, Circuit 909 Addition

The purpose of this Invitation to Negotiate (the "ITN") is to evaluate and select a vendor that is able to design, fabricate and deliver twelve (12) steel transmission poles and twelve (12) steel caisson foundations for Phase 2 of JEA’s construction of Circuit 909 (Greenland Energy Center to Bartram Substation Addition) (the "Work" or "Services"). JEA’s third party contractor will coordinate exact dates once a construction schedule is developed by that contractor.

Tentative Delivery between March 2nd and March 16, 2020.

The scope of services the company will provide includes, however, is not limited to:
• Engineering
• Materials procurement
• Fabrication
• Drawings
• Delivery

Response Due Date: September 24, 2019


133-19 (ITN) JEA Investment Recovery Painting Program

The purpose of this Invitation to Negotiate (the "ITN") is to select a vendor to provide services related to properly apply paint to JEA 14’ to 18' decorative street light poles and light-heads, pad-mounted & three phase transformers, and switch cabinets in the JEA service territory and to be accomplished on a unit price basis (the “Work”).

Response Due Date: September 17, 2019


135-19 (ITN) Medium and High Voltage Circuit Breaker Replacement Program

The purpose of this Invitation to Negotiate (the "ITN") is to evaluate and select a contractor that can provide circuit breaker, replacement services (the “Work”) for JEA/

The Scope of Work for this program is to replace various substation class circuit breakers in JEA’s transmission system with new circuit breakers. The following tasks will be typical for each circuit breaker:

• JEA Program Manager issues construction drawings and supporting documents to the Contractor.
• JEA Program Manager and Contractor coordinate outage and construction timeframes.
• The Contractor surveys and benchmarks the site as need.
• The Contractor removes and transports existing circuit breakers to JEA’s Westside Service Center.
• The Contractor transports (if required) and offloads the new circuit breaker at the site.
• The Contractor installs poured-in-place foundations, circuit breakers, jumpers, grounding, conduits,
• and any other relevant items typical for that job.
• The Contractor pulls and terminates the control and power cables, except at energized relay panels.
• The Contractor may be required to complete other tasks including electrical panel modifications, laying additional aggregate fill (rock), grassing, landscaping, and applying herbicides.
• The Contractor completes cleanup, punch list items, and as-built.

Response Due Date: October 1, 2019


136-19 (RFP) Real Estate Redevelopment Services

The purpose of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to solicit proposals from qualified firms to provide Professional Services for Land Planning, Civil Engineering and Real Estate support services as described herein. JEA is seeking a consultant to assist with the determination of "best-use" of JEA owned properties in Duval, Clay, Nassau and St. Johns counties and the implementation of agreed to property "best-use" plans.

Bid Due Date: October 1, 2019


137-19 (RFP) Construction Management-at-Risk (CMAR) Services for the Arlington East Water Reclamation Facility (WRF) Upgrade Projects

JEA requests Proposals from interested and qualified Proposers to provide Construction Management-at-Risk (CMAR) services during design and construction of the Arlington East Water Reclamation Facility (WRF) Upgrade Project. The Work generally includes pre-construction and construction services for the upgrade projects. The scope of work to be performed under this solicitation consists of CMAR services for the Arlington East WRF Upgrade Projects. The projects to be constructed are listed below. These projects are needed to update the treatment process at the Arlington East WRF to meet current and future needs

1. Odor Control Improvements
2. New Aeration Basin & Blowers
3. Influent Channel Rehabilitation
4. Secondary Motor Control Center Replacement and Building Improvement

Additional information can be found in Appendix A - Scope of Work and Appendix C - Project Definitions.

Proposal Due Date:October 08, 2019