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NOTICE: JEA will launch our new electronic plan review and document digitization platform, SagesGov, on Tuesday, August 18. 

To allow time to transfer documents from old to new, we will pause this application at 5:00 p.m. EST on Friday, August 7. Beginning August 7, this page will redirect to project launch and training information. Please become familiar with the new process prior to August 18.

In the event of an emergency (failing well, septic tank, etc.) please call (904) 665-6969 for assistance.

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During construction of JEA electric and water/sewer infrastructure, modifications are sometimes made to the original design phase as a result of various factors such as permitting, physical obstacles, available inventory, electrical loads, and previously existing assets. As-Built drawings represent the final detailed 'blueprints' as to how the infrastructure was actually installed during the construction phase.

NOTE: Requests will be returned within 5 business days.

The Future of Planning and Development

JEA is implementing a cloud-based solution for our water and wastewater planning and development team, eliminating paper plans while maintaining digital files for our records. 

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