Commercial Reclaimed Water

JEA’s commercial reclaimed water service, which is easily identified by purple piping, is currently limited to new commercial and residential developments. It helps if these developments are located near JEA water reclamation facilities and public access reclaimed water transmission systems. If not, customers must pay to lay the pipes to these facilities. Reclaimed water is limited to new developments because it would be too costly to go back and lay reclaimed water pipes throughout JEA’s service territory.
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Benefits of Commercial Reclaimed Water

  • Reclaimed water - or highly treated wastewater is less expensive than potable water (drinking water) for holders of Consumptive Use Permits - up to 10 times cheaper.
  • It’s not subject to watering restrictions, making it an attractive irrigation choice. Reclaimed reduces the need for developing new sources of water for non-potable uses. And that means decreased regulatory agency interaction for water use permitting.
  • Reduces the amount of water withdrawn from the Floridan aquifer.
  • Reclaimed water is environmentally friendly.  It reduces the discharge of treated wastewater into the St. Johns River.

Commercial Reclaimed Eligibility Requirements

  • Reclaimed water will replace groundwater withdrawals permitted in a Consumptive Use Permit (CUP) issued by the St. Johns River Water Management District, or, potable water from JEA.
  • Intended service location must be near, or, adjacent to JEA's reclaimed water transmission system in JEA’s service territory, or, the customer must be willing to pay the cost of construction of pipelines to serve the location.
  • Some regions of JEA's reclaimed water system in Duval and Nassau Counties are low pressure delivery system (approximately 40 psi).  This means the customer must have the means to store and re-pump as necessary to meet pressure needs, such as a pond, or, a holding tank.
  • Customer's intended uses and distribution system downstream of the meter must be in compliance with Chapter 62-610, Part III, Florida Administrative Code and local building codes.

Limitations of Using Reclaimed Water

  • Use of reclaimed water shall be limited to irrigation of residential lawns, golf courses, common areas, landscaped areas, highway medians, rights-of-way, cooling towers, and other uses specifically approved by JEA and allowed under Chapter 62-610, Florida Administrative Code (FAC).
  • Reclaimed water shall not be used inside any residential dwelling, or to fill swimming pools, hot tubs, spas, wading pools or other open waters where human contact or immersion may occur. Except when permitted to fill a storage pond and meets the advisory sign specification set forth in Part A-4.05 of JEA’s Water, Sewer, and Reclaimed Water Rules and Regulations.
  • Reclaimed water shall not be applied to areas within 100 feet of any public outdoor eating, drinking, or bathing facility, unless aerosol formation is minimized.
  • Reclaimed water shall not be applied to impervious surfaces that allow drainage to surface waters (e.g. sprinklers spraying into a roadway or parking lot).

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