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Understanding Your JEA Bill

Higher than usual bill this month? 

Did you open your utility bill this month and notice a significant change from last month? Does your bill seem higher than usual during this time of year? It’s important to know when you have a bill spike, its a warning sign that something in your home has changed, you have changed your habits, or weather has impacted your usage. Understanding what can cause a high bill is the first step to diagnosing it. Learn more in the High Bill Toolkit. 

Sample Statement with Explanations 
Keep your bill nearby so you can follow along.

Basic Monthly Charges, Taxes and Fees
Do you find all those charges, taxes and fees on your bill confusing? You’re not alone.

Meter Reading
Learn about the benefits of advanced metering JEA is using to measure customers' consumption. 

JEA Rates
Learn about how JEA’s electric and water rates are structured and how they compare to other utilities across the nation.

Services Charges
Late fees, service reconnects, inspections and other special circumstances which require a visit from a JEA employee could create an additional cost on your bill.

Estimate your bill

These handy calculators help you estimate your bill. Simply enter your location and consumption amount and an estimate will pop up that includes your monthly taxes, fees and charges.

Understanding commercial electric rates

When talking with commercial customers, the conversation inevitably leads to a discussion about rates. Learn about the commercial rate structure and how your company's consumption affects your bill.