New Customer Information

The following items are needed in order to start utility service with JEA:

  1. Social security number/FEI number
  2. Driver’s license or state identification card
  3. Complete address where service is to be started (If you are renting, a copy of your lease agreement may be required.)
  4. Date you wish to start service
  5. Deposit, if required

Start Service Now

Same-Day Service  

Same-day service requests must be made by contacting us. 

JEA can start, stop and transfer service fairly quickly if service has existed at the premises previously.

  • Requests for service made prior to the start date or before 3:00 p.m. on the same day will start by close of business on the day you requested.
  • Requests for service made after 3:01 p.m. will start on the next business day, excluding Sundays and holidays.
  • If your home or business is a new service point, it may take a little longer.

Helpful Tips for Your New Account

After you set up your new utility account, you will find it is easy and convenient to accomplish all your JEA business online, especially paying your deposit.
Pay Your Deposit Online

We offer a variety of convenient options that let you decide how you want to pay, manage, and receive your bill. You can sign up for paperless billing, AutoPay, MyBudget - levelized payments - and more.
Billing and Payment Options

When convenience is what matters most, stop by one of our authorized payment-only locations located all over the city.
Payment Locations

Our Customer Care Center representatives are available to provide a full range of services to our customers.
Visit the JEA Offices

  1. Social Security Number Policy
  3. If you choose to pay with your credit card, please be aware there is an additional non-refundable convenience fee of $2.20 for payments up to $500, $4.40 for payments $500.01 to $1,000, and $9.95 for payments $1,000.01 to $10,000, charged by the outside vendor that handles all our credit card payments.

Receive Your Bill Anytime, Anywhere

Choose the billing option that best fits your lifestyle.

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