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Business Resources

Take Your Business Digital

JEA online accounts are your key to quick and easy transactions and tailored account preferences so that you can worry about matters most for your business. Sign up and start taking advantage!

Green Programs for Business

Pollution prevention and environmentally-friendly policies can save money by reducing costs associated with waste storage and disposal, regulatory reporting, and sewer surcharges.

Commercial Forms and Policies

BillingBuilding a new development? Looking to streamline your rental properties? We have everything you need to complete all of the proper paperwork for your business's electric, water and wastewater service.

Billing and Payment Options

Business man and woman on tabletWith all of the responsibilities that come with running a business, paying your utility bill should be a piece of cake. Check out the various ways you can receive, manage, and pay your bill.

Other Resources

Industry Articles

Reclaimed water pipesCheck out our library of articles on how commercial customers of varying industries are controlling their energy costs.
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Construction Projects

We understand that construction projects can sometimes get in the way of business. Find out when the project near your business or on your way to work will be finished.
Learn About Current and Upcoming Projects

Account Security

Protecting our customer’s information is a priority. In efforts to prevent cyber-security threats, we have implemented tighter controls around our customers’ accounts.
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For Sale by JEA

At JEA, we sell real estate that is no longer being used, byproducts to qualified buyers, leftover scrap materials, even old desks and chairs that we don’t need anymore.
See Which Items Might Benefit Your Business

Scam Alerts

Be aware of scams that target utility customers, and become familiar with the newest stories created by con artists. It may not really be JEA at the other end of the line! 
Read Up On the Latest Scams

Economic Incentives

New commercial customers or existing customers who expand their business within the JEA service area may be eligible for our Economic Development Incentive Program.
Learn More About the Program