Standby Generator Request

For the safety of our customers and team members, all standby generator installations must be approved by JEA prior to installation in conjunction with permanently mounted sign(s) (provided by the customer) posted at the revenue meter and/or utility isolation point.


  • All standby generator installations must comply with all local building and electrical and electrical codes as well as JEA's Standby Generator Requirements.
  • Single phase residential services sized 200A or less utilize the revenue meter as the utility isolation point and only require one sign to be posted. 
  • Service sizes greater than 200A require a One Line Electrical Diagram (PDF preferred) be submitted to
  • Electronic Service Entrance Rated ATS units will require a manual lockable disconnect switch either in the ATS unit itself or externally between the ATS unit and utility.
  • For a Generlink device installation in the St. Johns County electric service territory, please contact the JEA Customer Center at (904) 665-6000 and request in-house permitting with our Electric Services Department.


To request approval of a standby generator installation, complete and submit the form below. Please allow five business days for processing.

Contractor Information

Service Address (Generator Location)

Generator and Transfer Switch Information

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