Engineering and Construction

Developing Northeast Florida is your job. Ours is to help you get the utility services you need to plan for, build and then finish an engineering or construction project.

You will find quick access to information for new development projects within JEA's service territory in this section. Builders, electricians, plumbers and anyone with a need to know can access electrical permitting information as well as water and sewer service related information.

Our Development Process

We’ve streamlined the way we do business to make it faster and easier for you to get electric, water and sewer services from JEA. Got questions? Check the PDF and video links below for answers.

Workshop Videos

Community-Initiated Projects

JEA offers programs for interested neighborhoods to convert utility lines from overhead to underground and for water main extensions where JEA water service is currently not available. This program, the Neighborhood Assessment Program, provides a means for neighborhoods to finance these projects through a special assessment process. Learn more about these programs by visiting the pages linked below.


JEA has an ethical and clearly defined set of rules and procedures in place for our purchasing practices. As a not-for-profit, community-owned utility, we are committed to getting the best products and services at the best value to provide reliable utility service to our customers at a good value.

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Jacksonville Small and Emerging Business

The Jacksonville Small and Emerging Business (JSEB) program is designed to encourage small, local companies to do business with JEA and other local government entities. Take steps today to become a JSEB. We’re looking forward to doing business with you. 

Bid Results/Awards

JEA's goal is to inspire public confidence that contracts are awarded equitably and economically. To promote fairness and open competition, our Awards Committee ensures purchases are bid out to the maximum extent while serving JEA's and our customers' best interests. The Awards Committee meets at 10 a.m. every Thursday in the 8th floor conference room of the JEA Tower located at 21 W. Church St. in downtown Jacksonville.

Become a Safety Qualified Bidder

Contractors must be safety qualified prior to starting any scope of work deemed to be safety sensitive. The Invitation for Bid will specify whether or not safety qualification is necessary for contractors and subcontractors for that particular project. If you are a JEA Responsible Bidder and would like to become safety qualified, submit a fully executed Contractor Safety Qualification Questionnaire.

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The Future of Planning and Development

JEA is implementing a cloud-based solution for our water and wastewater planning and development team, eliminating paper plans while maintaining digital files for our records. 

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