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Industrial Pretreatment

JEA Industrial Pretreatment is responsible for the administration of the National Pretreatment Program in areas serviced by JEA-owned wastewater facilities. JEA has been recognized for its robust pollution prevention programs, community outreach efforts, and internal process improvements and controls leading to dramatic reductions in pollutant loadings to JEA Water Reclamation Facilities.

The National Pretreatment Program, which began in 1972 under the Clean Water Act, is a cooperative effort of federal, state and local environmental agencies. JEA’s Industrial Pretreatment program received the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Water Act First Place Award for outstanding large IP program in 2007.

Objectives of the National Pretreatment Program

  • Protect Publicly Owned Treatment Works (POTW) from pollutants that may interfere with plant operation
  • Prevent pollutants that may pass through untreated from being introduced to the POTW
  • Improve opportunities for the POTW to reuse wastewater and sludge that is generated 
  • Become familiar with the  National Pretreatment Program Regulations  

Industrial Pretreatment Awards 2016

JEA honored 42 companies at its 11th Annual Industrial Pretreatment Awards for achieving 100% environmental compliance in 2015. Coca-Cola Refreshments, USA, Inc. and K&G Box each won platinum awards for 10 years of 100 percent compliance. Pictured (L-R) JEA Chief Public Affairs Officer Mike Hightower, Coca-Cola Beverages Quality Assurance Manager Ronald Cordle, Coca-Cola Beverages Production Manager Jamaal Medley, Resources Manager and JEA Manager of Pollution Prevention Programs Tom Rauth.

Industrial Pretreatment Award

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