Pretreatment Program, Permits, Surveys and Applications

Part of the administration of the National Pretreatment Program is identifying and permitting facilities that meet program criteria. Facilities that are identified can be permitted in several ways.

  • Industries that discharge process wastes fall under Industrial User Discharge Permits (IUDP).
  • Companies which haul domestic and portable toilet waste to Buckman WWTF are given a Waste Hauler Discharge Permit.
  • Under certain circumstances groundwater which is produced from either construction or low level clean up and does not meet surface water criteria can apply for a Groundwater Discharge Permit to discharge these waters to the sanitary sewer.

If you are not certain if you require a IUDP please fill out the Industrial Pretreatment survey. If you are applying for a permit there is a $250.00 permit fee payable to JEA.

Please return surveys and applications to:

Industrial Pretreatment
224 N. Pearl Street
Jacksonville, Florida 32202  

Do I need a permit?        

Permit Applications

Application Packet Forms

Please download and review these forms when applying for any Industrial Pretreatment permit. 

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