Wastewater Treatment Byproducts

Our Buckman Residuals Treatment Facility treats 100 percent of the residuals produced. Also known as sludge, this is the result of the treatment of sewage at our plants.

Transforming Sludge into Slow-Release Fertilizer

Prior to 2002, we incinerated the sludge byproduct. In 2002, these sludge incinerators were converted to a biosolids (pelletized fertilizer) facility. Biosolids are a natural, low nitrogen/phosphorus, slow-release, organic fertilizer similar to Milorganite®, which has been produced for over 50 years. We market our biosolids through GreenTechnologies under the brand name GreenEdge®.

GreenEdge® is a slow-release fertilizer for home lawns, golf courses, ball parks, and other turf grass and ornamental applications. By slowly releasing nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorus into the soil, fewer nutrients are washed into our waterways, helping to protect them and the many plants and animals that depend on them for survival. 

Initially, GreenEdge® was targeted toward golf courses, ball parks and recreational parks. However, GreenEdge® is now available to professional green industries as well as homeowners. Homeowners can find GreenEdge® in their local retail stores such as ACE Hardware and Garden Centers.

Commercial users may obtain GreenEdge® by contacting GreenTechnologies directly. GreenTechnologies, LLC. is a technology and marketing company that partnered with us to develop and produce GreenEdge®. 

For more information, contact GreenTechnologies, LLC. at (877) 473-3630 or visit them online at www.green-edge.com  

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