Fire Hydrant Meter Policy and Applications

Contractors and businesses may apply for a permit to use public fire hydrants as an accessible water source on a temporary basis. A permit and meter containing a backflow preventer will be issued by JEA to ensure that contaminated water is not put back into the system. 

Fire hydrant meter

All water usage must be metered, including water taken from fire hydrants.  Meters are issued for six-month periods. At the end of the sixth month, the meter must be returned and a new meter issued.  Failure to exchange the backflow assembly within the specified time period is a violation of JEA’s Cross Connection Control Program Policy (Chapter IV, 4.04(7) and may result in additional fees or confiscation. Customers submit their meter readings on a monthly basis and are then billed for their consumption.  If the account is delinquent, a replacement meter will not be issued until the balance is paid in full.  You may apply for a Fire Hydrant Permit at JEA 225 North Pearl Street, Jacksonville, FL 32202. 

For more information about fire hydrant meters, please call us at (904) 665-5260

PLEASE NOTE: The only acceptable forms of payment for hydrant meters are cash, check, or money order.

Water Theft

To ensure our customers are provided with safe, clean and reliable drinking water, JEA utilizes high-quality monitoring and efficient delivery systems.  Those systems are compromised when water is illegally taken from fire hydrants.  Illegal and unregulated connections can not only increase the risk of contaminating our water supply, but also lower pressure needed for fire protection.  Unauthorized use or theft of water costs more for everyone.

How to Spot Water Theft

Water theft from fire hydrants occurs most often when the user does not have a metered connection.  To legally use water from a fire hydrant, the business or contractor must obtain a permit and meter from JEA.  If you see water being used from a hydrant without a meter assembly, theft may be occurring.

Help Stop Water Theft

If you suspect water is being stolen from a fire hydrant or identify a water meter that has been bypassed or tampered with, please call (904) 665-6000. Tampering with a water system is a violation of Florida Statute 812.14. A person who willfully and unlawfully uses water commits a misdemeanor of the first degree.
Become familiar with Florida Statute 812.14

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