Regulatory Oversight

As your community-owned water, sewer and electric utility, JEA is governed by environmental laws, regulations and ordinances at the federal, state and local level. Electric, water and wastewater systems are highly regulated to ensure safe, efficient and environmentally sound management—24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We comply with these stringent environmental requirements governing our operations to ensure the protection of human health, air quality, groundwater, surface waters, drinking water, soil, wildlife, land usage, wetlands and other natural resources.

To help us meet these requirements, we have an environmental management system and strategy to ensure compliance with all existing and emerging environmental requirements.

JEA has all the necessary environmental permits and approvals to construct, operate and maintain its facilities and infrastructure. JEA is regulated by national, state and local entities such as:

We continuously monitor and assess the environmental impact of our operations to improve our performance.

Our commitment also is to meet all regulatory requirements.

We are also focused on a variety of programs that proactively exceed regulatory standards and ensure resource sustainability. Some of the programs JEA has implemented:

  • A voluntary clean power goal of 7.5 percent of power generation capacity by 2015
  • A majority of JEA fleet vehicles that can use alternative fuels
  • A 60 percent reduction in nitrogen discharged to the St. Johns River prior to the implementation of regulatory requirements
  • Energy and water demand-side management programs
  • Conversion of old electric generating technology plants to circulating fluidized bed power generation  

JEA will continue to seek opportunities to prevent pollution and conserve natural resources while we maintain reliability and work to manage costs for our customers.

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