JEA's Strategy for Generating Electricity

The U.S. electric utility industry is at a turning point with the emergence of more economical energy source opportunities, including natural gas and renewables. Several states have adopted voluntary renewable energy targets, while others have state mandated Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS). 

How JEA is Adapting to These Changes

JEA adopted the JEA 2030 Goals to better serve the needs of our customers while adapting to industry changes.    

JEA Generation Strategy

JEA is already on the path towards meeting the 2030 Goals. JEA decreased the utility’s solid fuel use with the decommissioning of the coal-fired St. Johns River Power Park Unit 1 and 2 in 2018 and Robert W. Scherer Unit 4 in 2022. Additionally, JEA purchases energy from eight solar photovoltaics (PV) facilities, ranging from 1 MW AC to 12 MW AC in size, across the service territory. In 2023, JEA added 150 MW of solar through a purchased power agreement, and sought bids for at least 300 MW of solar and solar plus storage resources to be added to the system by the end of 2026.

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Energy Mix

JEA continues to diversify its electric generation portfolio with the addition of renewable energy resources. The table below outlines the mix of fuels used to deliver reliable electricity to our customers.

Power Source Disclosure (% of Energy)1
Energy Mix - Sources 2021  2022 2023
Nuclear 0%  0%  3% 
Coal  15%  6%  2%
Natural Gas  61%  58%  57%
Petroleum Coke  7%  7% 8% 
Oil  0%  0% 0% 
Renewables2 1% 2%  3%
Other3  16% 27%  27% 
Total 100%  100%  100% 

1Source: JEA Annual Report, JEA Ten-Year Site Plan, and Rating Agency presentation; adjusted for the renewable breakout.
2Renewables include JEA Solar, biomass and methane gas.
3Other includes electricity from inter-regional interchange transactions that are not traceable to specific generation sources and other system purchases. 

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