Florida’s Largest Municipally-Owned Utility Formally Launches Competitive and Open Solicitation Process to Transform Northeast Florida


Jacksonville, FL -- JEA, one of the largest municipally-owned electric, water and wastewater utilities in the country and the largest in Florida, released an Invitation to Negotiate (ITN) #127-19 for Strategic Alternatives. With the purpose of soliciting competitive responses from qualified firms in industry sectors including financial, technology and energy and water, JEA will consider proposals that seek to eliminate certain constraints that limit the utility’s ability to grow, compete and remain relevant today, tomorrow and in the future. The goal of this process is to maximize JEA’s customer, community, environmental and financial value over the long term. The ITN includes an established set of minimum requirements including, but not limited to, at least $400 million distributed to customers, at least $3 billion to the City of Jacksonville and protection of employees.

This solicitation opportunity is the result of a thorough scenario-based strategic planning process. Critical, industry-wide challenges such as revenue loss driven by energy efficiency and distributed energy resources, new disruptive technologies and competitors, when combined with JEA’s current government constraints, make it impossible for the utility to optimally address changing customer demands and capitalize on the forces that are reshaping the industry today to create value. 

“In today’s dynamic energy and water environments, simply keeping up with everyone else is no longer enough. Creating and sustaining value depends on setting yourself apart in non-traditional ways and continually looking ahead to understand what drives superior financial performance, while exceeding the service, reliability and affordability demands of customers,” said Aaron Zahn, managing director and CEO of JEA. “This solicitation process is a demonstration of JEA’s commitment to value, customer service and the entire Northeast Florida community both now and in the future.” 

The ITN will be conducted in three phases, solicitation, evaluation and negotiation. The ITN itself, more information on key deadlines, process and ongoing related communications can be accessed at JEA.com/StrategicAlternatives. All communications regarding the ITN should be directed to the Designated Procurement Representatives as identified in Section 2.11 of the ITN. The deadline to submit replies and all required documents to the JEA Procurement Bid Office is 12:00 PM September 30, 2019.

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About JEA: JEA is the largest municipal electric utility in Florida and one of the largest water and sewer utilities in the nation providing electric, water and wastewater service to residents and businesses in Northeast Florida. For more info, visit jea.com.



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