Mutual Aid

At JEA, we believe in the power of community. That’s why we’ve signed mutual aid agreements with utilities in Florida and Georgia to help work together to restore power after damaging storms.  

If a storm is particularly destructive with weeks of repairs ahead, our crews will travel beyond the region to offer a helping hand – provided we don’t need them here, of course.  

Hurricane Idalia - August 2023

JEA electric and water/wastewater crews deployed to support neighboring utilities in Florida and Georgia after the Category 3 hurricane came ashore in Taylor County on Aug. 30. Twenty-seven electric crew members went to Waycross, Ga. to assist in making critical repairs to transmission lines, substations and other parts of the electric grid. Thirty-one water/wastewater crew members were dispatched to Florida's Big Bend area to assist Taylor Coastal Utilities and Big Bend Water Authority with getting their wastewater systems back up and running and removing debris from around treatment plants.

Hurricane Ian - October 2022

JEA crews headed to Sanibel Island to provide mutual aid assistance following Hurricane Ian. The crews worked to repair the island's gravity sewer system, life stations and force mains after the Category 4 storm hit the island and surrounding areas.

Hurricane Ida - August 2021

JEA sent 35 electric lineworkers to assist Lafayette Utilities with power restoration efforts following landfall of the Category 4 storm in Louisiana.

Hurricane Delta - October 2020

JEA sent 30 crewmembers to Alexandria, Louisiana to assist Alexandria Utility System with power restoration efforts following landfall of the Category 2 storm, six weeks after the same area faced devastation from Hurricane Laura.

Hurricane Sally - September 2020

JEA sent 30 water/wastewater crewmembers, vehicles and 12 6-inch water pumps to Escambia County, Florida to assist with water restoration and wastewater management efforts. JEA also dispatched 26 crew members and three fleet support personnel to assist Riviera Utilities in restoring electric infrastructure and service to residents of Foley, Alabama.

Tropical Storm Marco & Hurricane Laura - August 2020

JEA sent 31 electric crewmembers to assist Lafayette Utilities in Louisiana with restoration efforts following impacts from both tropical systems the same week.

Tropical Storm Isaias - August 2020

JEA mutual aid crews traveled to Westchester County, New York to assist Con Edison with restoration efforts following local impacts from that storm, which brushed Florida, the Carolinas and other communities along the Eastern Seaboard in early August.

Hurricane Dorian - September 2019

Mutual aid crews from several Texas utilities answered the call to support JEA as Hurricane Dorian approached our coastline in September.

Hurricane Michael - October 2018

JEA sent 10 four-men electric crews, four troubleshooters, two coordinators, support staff and supplies to the Tallahassee area to help those who were affected by Hurricane Michael.

Utility Trucks Staging Area
Utility trucks from across the Southeast gathered at Jacksonville's Equestrian Center before heading to Florida's Panhandle to assist in restoring power to customers affected by Hurricane Michael.

JEA’s Water/Wastewater Teams also sent more than 100 personnel and equipment to assist in restoration efforts. Crews worked in Bay County, Panama City, Springfield and Mexico Beach. In many cases, before the men could actually repair a water distribution and/or wastewater collection system, they had to use the heavy equipment they brought to clear roads and driveways of fallen trees and debris to get to the problem.

Wastewater Crew Clearing Debris
JEA Water/Wastewater crews working to clear a path to a house for a stranded homeowner.

Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico - October 2017 

In October 2017, JEA crews traveled to Puerto Rico to assist with efforts to restore power to the island following Hurricane Maria. Over the course of seven weeks, a total of 85 JEA personnel helped rebuild the island’s electric infrastructure.
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Trucks Boarding Ship
JEA trucks board Crowley freight ship

Hurricane Irma - September 2017

When Hurricane Irma battered Florida, mutual aid crews from across the country came to assist local communities with restoration efforts. More than 800 electric utility workers assisted JEA employees in restoring power to 284,000 customers, including crews from Alabama, Kentucky, Missouri, Nebraska, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas. These crews were aided by 400 tree removal personnel as well as water crews from across Florida, aiding JEA in restoring full water, sewer and electric service to normal operations.

Mutual Aid Omaha Energy
Mutual Aid crews from Omaha Public Power aiding in Hurricane Irma relief efforts.
Mutual Aid CPS Energy
Mutual Aid crews from CPS Energy aiding in Hurricane Irma relief efforts.

Southwest Georgia Tornadoes - January 2017

A band of strong storms passed through the Albany, Georgia area in early January, spawning a series of devastating tornadoes. Fortunately, no one was killed, but buildings were torn apart and many, many trees came down on power lines. In addition to this, the storms brought freezing temperatures, which made life all the more miserable for residents who'd lost power in the storms. Albany Utilities contacted JEA, asking for help and we sent eight crews to the area to help restore power.

Hurricane Matthew - October 2016

When the First Coast was hit by Hurricane Matthew, we couldn't have been more appreciative for the help sent our way. An additional 43 mutual aid crews came to help JEA restore power in the wake of Hurricane Matthew, including Electric Cities of Georgia, TECO (Tampa), CPS Energy (San Antonio), and a number of Missouri municipal utilities. 

Georgia Ice Storms - February 2014

As you know, our county suffered from a major ice storm last week. At my house we were without power for 2 days. However, many were without power for 5 days and we still have a few that are without power. As we were driving through town Friday afternoon looking at all the downed trees and power lines, we saw JEA power trucks all over Tennille!! I told my husband and kids that ya’ll were the customer in FL that we hauled the Kaolin to. We were so humbled and thankful that your company would send help all the way from FL. We so appreciate the help, we know that when they go out like that they leave their families at home help to ours. Thanks again!!
- Christy

Superstorm Sandy, Long Island, NY - October 2012

JEA continues to receive many compliments from Long Island customers. Many mentioned how polite our crews were - Long Island got a dose of our Southern hospitality! 

I would just like to say THANK YOU FOR HELPING MY FAMILY get back to semi normal from Hurricane Sandy.. I am so very proud of what you guys have done to help them out... I am so far away and it does my heart good to know that the state that I now live in helped them out... VERY GOOD JOB GUYS... May God bless your family...
- Denise

Hello! My name is Holly and I live in the Lake Panamoka section of Ridge NY. I just wanted to thank your guys who were sent up here to help us out. They were great, polite and a real help. I hope they found most people here grateful for their assistance, but if that was not always the case, let me just apologize for them. Unfortunately many people were cold, in the dark and unable to get straight answers…, therefore angry, but again, I hope they found most of us to be nice and happy to see them. Wonderful people and thanks again for letting us borrow them. They did talk kinda funny though! LOL
- Holly

Just wanted to send a thank you to all the hardworking people that have come to my area to help restore power after Superstorm Sandy! There has been a lot of negativity on the news about the electric and not enough praise for the hard work being done!
Thank you all for your help! It's greatly appreciated in this rough time!!
- Jessica

Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!! After a week without power, your company got us up and running in Wading River, New York tonight! I spoke with a few of your men and they were so very nice and assured us they were working hard to get us lights. We are very grateful to your company and your crews for coming and helping us in our time of need. Bless you all!
- Joann

THANK YOU JEA Electric for your help up here in Long Island, NY. This was day 7 of no power when we saw the JEA trucks. What a sight for sore eyes!!!! Unfortunately, we needed a transformer and they said they would be back in and hour and a half. However, 30 to 45 minutes later they were back, in full force, transformer in hand! Within 20 minutes our long wait came to an end and our power was restored! Your crew was friendly, courteous and understanding! Our own company did not know we were still without power. A neighbor saw one of your trucks who then came, inspected and found the problem!

Thank you JEA Electric, your crew and friends and family of those who are up here helping us after this devastating storm!
- Lynne, Rocky Point, Long Island New York

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