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Leadership positions at JEA allow you to develop high-value energy and water solutions for the community. See which leadership positions we have below for you. 

Examples of Leadership career titles include:

  • Director Electric Production Resource Planning
  • Director Technology Infrastructure
  • Director IT and Telecom Strategy and Sales
  • Director Water/Waste Water & Reuse Treatment
  • Director Customer Experience Strategy & Support

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Employee Spotlight

JEA Director of Asset Management, Andy, touring a substation facility
JEA Director of Asset Management, Andy, touring a substation facility.

Director of Asset Management, Andy, began his career at age 17 when he joined the Navy. He spent the next 18 years working on weapons systems, and it was during this time that he learned about electrical and mechanical systems. After earning a bachelor’s degree, he retired from the Navy and joined JEA as a substation electrician apprentice. After four years, Andy became state certified. He then spent three years as a technician, which led to his becoming a substation trainer. As a trainer, he provided technical and maintenance training, helped to revamp the training program and created training courses. After his time as a trainer, Andy became the manager of substation maintenance after applying for the position three times. Fast forward to now, and Andy is the Director of Asset Management.

Never turn down a challenge. Stand out and show the people above you what you can do.
— Andy

Since Andy has been at JEA, he has earned both an MBA and a master’s degree in adult curriculum and instruction. He enjoys his job at JEA because of great benefits, job security, new challenges and opportunities to grow. He gets to attend conferences and see new technologies in asset management. In his free time, he enjoys woodworking and being a well-rounded handyman.

Andy's Advice: “Listen to peers and others you work with. Do not be afraid of failure and own up to your mistakes!”

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