Field Operations Careers

Field operations positions give you the chance to operate and maintain equipment and facilities used to provide our customers with utility services. They also allow you to solve and diagnose technical issues found in the field. See which field operations positions we have below for you.

Examples of Field Operations career titles include:

  • Vegetation Management Associate
  • Electric Troubleshooter
  • Utility Field Technician
  • Apprentice Maintenance Mechanic
  • Utilities Pipefitter Assistant

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Employee Spotlight

JEA Forester, Scott, assigning tree trimming crews to working locations
JEA Forester, Scott, assigning tree trimming crews to working locations.

In college, registered JEA Forester, Scott, wanted to be a federal game warden. He even studied criminal justice. Like many college students, however, he adjusted his focus. Scott graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in forestry with a concentration in wildlife management. It wasn’t until he landed a co-op position near Tallahassee that he became interested in utility forestry. During his role as a co-op student, Scott learned about utility vegetation management. After graduating, he worked as a utility forester on distribution and transmission rights of ways for Southern Company. Fast forward about 25 years to now, and Scott is here at JEA as a forester. As a Registered Forester and Certified Arborist, Scott helps design, implement, and manage the JEA vegetation management program in order to promote safety, customer satisfaction, electric reliability, and cost efficient programs and procedures to mitigate conflicts between our utility facilities and vegetation.

Always give them (customers) an out.
— Scott

Scott says he enjoys his role because he gets to make a real difference in the community while improving reliability and cost efficiency. He deals with customers face to face and is able to help solve their problems related to vegetation management and utility conflicts. This enables JEA to maintain and improve electric reliability and promote customer satisfaction. When asked to provide advice to incoming foresters, Scott emphasized that he highly recommends the utility industry because utility foresters have different challenges and objectives every day. Traditional forestry tends to be monotonous and more predictable on a daily basis. Utility foresters generally enjoy greater benefits in job satisfaction and compensation.

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