Customer Care Careers

With a Customer Care role, you will interact with JEA customers either directly or indirectly and contribute your expertise to a team that strives to provide excellent customer service. See which customer positions we have below for you. 

Examples of Customer Care career titles include:

  • Account Executive Customer Accounts
  • Manager Customer Contacts
  • Community Engagement Coordinator
  • Customer Advisor
  • Manager Customer Experience Strategy
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Manager Billing Support Services

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Employee Spotlight

JEA Manager, Kent, giving a speech to a college class
JEA Manager of Analytics, Kent, speaking to college students about identifying high water usage within the community.

Kent is the Manager of Utility Analytics working on the Customer Care side of the JEA family. Kent has had an exciting background as an Electrical Engineer before coming to JEA. Obtaining his B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from Missouri University of Science & Technology, Kent worked as an intern for GM and not only saw the transition of the manual assembly line of car making, but helped pioneer and program the robotic revolution which took over. Shortly after his time with GM, he became a graduate teaching assistant while working toward his M.S. degree in Electrical Engineering. His career really took off after graduate school when he began working as a Radar and Satellite Engineer in Alabama and later internationally in Taipei, Taiwan and Lille, France as a Systems Engineer with Siemens. After his time travelling, he found his way back to Jacksonville, FL, where he worked for the Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA) as Manager, Systems Engineering for the installation of the Skyway rail system. Next, Kent attained his Series 7 & 63 licenses and worked for three years as a financial consultant locally, but realized that engineering was his passion, so at age 40, he secured his Professional Engineering license and entered back into the industry by accepting a job with JEA as a Technology Research Consultant.

It is just as important to learn what you don’t like, as it is to learn what you do like.
— Kent

With JEA, Kent has helped to develop the Load Research department into the Utility Analytics team it is today. Currently as the Utility Analytics Manager, Kent and his team are working analytics projects on both the Customer and Grid side of JEA. His team is using meter and outside data to find the most beneficial outcomes for the customer, our community, the company and industry. Kent’s team supports and has a direct impact on the rates of utility services and helps to establish the high water usage alert system the JEA currently uses today.

Kent's Advice: “The utility industry seeing a surge in demand for power and utility options. Customers are asking for new technologies to manage their utility services. JEA is ripe with growth opportunities for engineers and has a bright future as a main player in the utility business.”

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