Ways to Save

Fall into Savings

Utility bills in the fall are typically lower than the summer and winter months due to cooler weather in our region. Take advantage of the lower temperatures to complete a few of these energy savings measures around your home:

  • As days become shorter, use solar outdoor lighting to reduce outdoor lighting costs and to light your sidewalk for holiday guests.
  • As Daylight Saving Time comes to an end, your lawn will need less water. Become familiar with your new watering days.
  • As swimming season winds down, consider decreasing your pool pump run time.

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Free Resources from JEA

Free Efficiency Assessments

Take advantage of our free in-home assessments from our energy conservation professionals. Upon completion, a JEA representative will be able to offer cost-effective ideas designed to help lower energy costs in your home.
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Free Energy and Water Evaluation Kit

Our Home Energy and Water Evaluation Kits can show you how to lower your monthly energy and water costs, while making your home more comfortable. The kits may be checked out from local participating libraries.
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Free Irrigation Assessments

You don’t have to drown in high water bills for the sake of a green lawn. Our experts can visit your home and show you how to get a green, beautiful lawn without the extra costs caused by overwatering.
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JEA offers a variety of rebates to help our customers save money and live a more energy efficient lifestyle.
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More Energy and Water Savings Tips

Water Conservation

From taking shorter showers to watering your lawn less frequently, there are numerous things you can do to conserve water.
Tips to Use Less Water

Low-Cost and No-Cost Savings Tips

Did you know changing your habits can help you see savings? Start by trying one new energy and/or water saving tip each week. Little by little, your utility bill will go down and you’ll notice a little extra money in your pocket.
Learn Changes That Can Help You Save

Go Green

Living green is a way of creating a better environment for yourself and future generations. Learn how you can make changes to live a greener life that will have a lasting effect on the environment and your wallet.
Learn How to Make Green Choices

Seasonal Tips

As seasons change, so do our utility bills. 
Find Tips to Conserve Throughout the Year