School Programs

JEA Scientists showing students a lab

JEA provides free science resources for parents, teachers and children of all ages in our service territory. Our comprised of engineers, electricians, biologists, lab technicians, software developers and computer systems analysts and we are eager to help educate our future STEM workforce. Click below to learn about resources available:   

Reduce the AlienPresentations for elementary and middle school age children that will teach students how to conserve electricity and water at home. 
In-School Programs 

Parent tools to help encourage and teach younger children to explore science.
Parents’ Resources  

Reading materials, DVDs, and LIVE performances. They’re available to both public and private school teachers who teach in our service territory.
Teacher Resources 

These programs provide hands-on experience for high school and college students already enrolled in degree and technical programs in their chosen field.
High School and College Internship Programs

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