Our Partners in the Community

Many groups and individuals in Northeast Florida are working to educate the community on environmental issues. Since we have similar goals, JEA forms partnerships with, and sometimes financially supports, many local and regional groups. Here are some of the groups, organizations and educational institutions that partner with JEA:

Junior Achievement

JEA established a partnership with Junior Achievement (JA) of North Florida several years ago. Our partnership provides an opportunity for JEA team members to advance JA’s mission by serving as Educational Outreach Ambassadors in JA’s Personal Finance Program. We teach students JA’s curriculum, including earning money; spending money wisely through budgeting; saving and investing money; using credit cautiously; and protecting one's personal finances. It helps high school students get ready to be on their own financially, which includes an understanding of utility services and costs. 


JEA's Power Play Exhibit at the Museum of Science and History uses interactive touchscreen kiosks to explore the science of solar, wind, hydro, fossil fuel and nuclear energy to bring the futuristic city of MOSHtopia to life with power, light and sound.
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Tree Hill 

JEA has partnered with Tree Hill, Jacksonville’s Nature Center, to educate the community about our environment and what we can do to protect it, with hands-on experiences. Visitors can learn about topics ranging from alternative energy sources and water conservation to our native flora and fauna.
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United Way's RealSense 

United Way of Northeast Florida's RealSense is a community coalition of companies, agencies, government, educational, nonprofit, and other organizations. RealSense is focused on proactively increasing the prosperity of our community by strengthening the financial stability of each resident, through the services of free tax preparation, free financial education and free financial counseling.

In partnership with RealSense, JEA Ambassadors are trained as volunteer financial educators and lead free financial workshops for JEA customers and Northeast Florida residents who are eager to learn how to make better money management decisions. Financial workshops are based on a variety of noncommercial curricula, including FDIC Money Smart. JEA Ambassadors interested in becoming RealSense financial educators are encouraged to observe, co-teach and/or teach financial workshops held by JEA after they have completed the Train the Trainer process.
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